So my daughter, who is 6, just informed me that her teacher believes in God, but the principal said there is no God.  She says this was brought up because her and 2 boys were arguing.  My daughter says there is no God (yay!) and the other 2 boys said there is.  I am upset that both the teacher and principal are letting the students know their beliefs, rather than having the students go home and discuss it with their parents.  Am I right to be upset and should I discuss this with both adults, or leave it as a one time thing since my daughter has already told me she doesn't believe?

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I feel it is inappropriate to express any truth in religion in schools. It's a hard line but if we can agree religion is simply not based in any reality at all, why would you support its teaching or being said to be true?


People believe the moon landing was fake but we don't teach it to kids in science class.


As far as the teachers go, i would talk to the principal about any concerns you have. 

I don't think she wanted to shield her child from the argument.  I think she was perturbed that adults revered by children were putting in their own two cents.
exactly, M.  The kids can argue all they want.  I believe it is a healthy part of growing up.  It is the adults in this case I have a problem with.
I'd be upset.  I would probably set up a meeting if it were me.  It does not need to involve your daughter.  However, the teacher and the principal are in positions of authority and respect, and children look up to them and value their opinions.  Certain things should be kept to oneself: religious preferences and politics being two of those things.  Teachers and principals are there to foster critical thinking and intellectual growth, which they are not doing when they interject their own beliefs into arguments between children. 
I think you are right on.  The difficulty differentiating fact from opinion is part of the reason I was upset.

And as a parent of a 6 year old, I can attest to the fact that they believe most things told to them by their teachers or trusted adults, as you would expect them to. They are spending all day teaching them to read and write and other "facts", why should anything else they tell them be false?

My son believes everything his best friend tells him. He's 6!! LOL

I want my kids to think for themselves, so I always ask them what they think before answering a question. I want them to use their critical thinking skills, but at this age, they are too impressionable. My son doesn't question Santa or the Tooth Fairy, so why should he question God existence?


Wow your daughter is smart :]
I think so too!


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