I am Atheist and I talk with my friend's at school about religion and we do a lot of talking on the ways God cant exist. If he is the so called creator of everything and he make's everything happen then why would he create the stuff he's against. like sinning, war, murder, and many other stuff. Also God is racist because we get to live a good life while there are people out there who suffer because of famine and not to mention he tried to wipeout all the Jews with one man named Adolph Hitler. People who worshiped, Followed him and he tried to wipe them out in brutal ways. 

I would like your feedback on this to prove that God cant exist.     

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They are too diverse to talk about meaningfully in aggregation.

On the contrary the parts work together beautifully.

When we say God we mean the creator of everything. It matters not if that God is called by some other name such as Zeus, God is still God,  the supreme intelligence in the universe. Most writings about God have attempted to anthropomorphize this thing called God. They see Him  setting on a throne hurling judgements at those not doing what He dictates. But those who have experienced the Oneness say He is only love. In other words God, or whatever, is love. God is the sum total of everything. Where or how did He come about? No one can say. Most say He has always been. 

WTF does "oneness" mean? Is oneness the same as nothingness. The nothingness from which all things came

Oneness is the sum total of everything in existence. We are all connected to it as a part of it as a leaf is connected to the tree.

Something does not come from nothing. That would be impossible.

It may be illogical to get a universe from nothing, but that doesn't make it impossible. Our logic is based on the physical laws in operation today, but it's unlikely they were in effect in the beginning.

Secondly, you say "nothing" but mean "nothingness," which isn't the same thing. "Nothing" tends to mean the absence of anything we'd call something from everyday experience. "Nothingness" is absolute emptiness. "Nothingness"simply doesn't exist. Even empty space has weight and mass, and much more than you'd expect.

See this very short Lawrence Krauss video to see what I mean:

All is One.

Everything you see and don't see is all part of the One, the Unity, the whole Cosmos.

It makes no distinction and is thus the paradigm of a useless concept. It's a concept with no application, since everything is encompassed within it.

Yet it is the truest thing I know.

Everything has to work together for everything to exist. The truck driving down your street follows all of the rules and does not run through your living room.
Black Holes lie at the core of the Galaxy. The Galaxy gives us a stable enough star system to exist. The formation of the Sun was violent and required far more than many millennia to create the vortex while permitted the formation of the Earth which itself was violent and took place across millennia. The sheer quantity of years is almost unfathomable as something to experience The distance from Earth and the Sun worked out well for us and an atmosphere developed. We are the accident which was completely inevitable as time only happened one way. Every second along that path was more complex than the previous. It all works together at all times thanks to the one fundamental force which unites our understanding of the 4 fundamental forces. We will figure it out one day and be able to have even more incredible, unfathomable machines because every second is more complex than the last.

While studying math and physics, notice how all of the equations balance? You can always set an equation equal to 1. It is the central theory of existence. The self, the one who lives in your brain. You are it. You are the One. And so am I. And so is Neo. We are all individual beings taking part in the Cosmos together as One.

"God" is a human construct that varies across time, culture, and context. What's more interesting to me are the human motivations to keep trying to invent such an entity/entities. I think that God & similar constructs are the result of human beings trying to anthropomorphize and identify with nature, community consciousness (even if merely a tribal construct), and yearning for some kind of "ideal" agency/agencies to aspire, belong, and conform to.

Thus the never-ending irony of God(s) created in our self image, commonized group image, and/or imaginings of other conscious animals/beings.

You get it. I agree.

Nearly all people have a God concept with which they believe or not; we atheists tend toward the latter.
The believer has all of their questions answered by fiat. Atheists have the big problem of trying to solve all of those problems on their own through investigation and logical analysis; a much tougher path.

I am a 'Murrican so Jesus Christ with his little baby sandals in his little baby clothes is how I was introduced to "God"; didn't take long for me to figure out the near identical powers of Santa and God then to disregard both once the Santa truth came to light.
Only after studying 15+ religions, 100+ philosophies was I able to see the full tapestry of the God concept across time, culture and context.

I think most here agree that God is not a person. But we are all energy including God whom has all the energy. We share a part of that energy. How many accept the idea we will live after the death of our bodies in energy form.


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