I am Atheist and I talk with my friend's at school about religion and we do a lot of talking on the ways God cant exist. If he is the so called creator of everything and he make's everything happen then why would he create the stuff he's against. like sinning, war, murder, and many other stuff. Also God is racist because we get to live a good life while there are people out there who suffer because of famine and not to mention he tried to wipeout all the Jews with one man named Adolph Hitler. People who worshiped, Followed him and he tried to wipe them out in brutal ways. 

I would like your feedback on this to prove that God cant exist.     

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True. The term "theory" as used by science—a useful explanation that organizes facts and implies new areas of study—is different from the way the term is used in everyday language, where it's a guess, a conjecture.

Nothing is ever as simple as it appears to be. Yes to us the sun is hot, but if you were out of our atmosphere you would get very cold. All theories can have more than one explanation. Because science believes one is correct does not eliminate the others. Can God be experienced? Will He do things for some and not for others? There are literally thousands of questions to be answered about God. What would be an observed theory of God?

The laws of physics allow matter and space to pop into existence from "nothing." Nothing in the laws of physics prevents it. 

God can not be proven to exist.

Leprechauns, faeries, and unicorns, too.

But God is more along the lines of a round square (an oxymoron or self-contradiction). God is omniscient and knows all that can be known, including what is to come. Yet he is also alleged to be omnipotent. But if he's omnipotent, he should be able to change the future. But he can't, since he already knows it. It's already out there, immutable. He is either impotent because he can't change anything, or not omniscient because he could change the future.

The concept of God has many problems.

BTW, when you use the word "God," which one do you mean

Your post is about how religious people describe God. How can we understand God experientially? The answer to that question is still unknown to most. I believe you can experience God through Love. 

Using the most basic God concept (fills all spaces, the foundation upon which existence lives), we all experience God at all times because we are the God itself.

Limiting God to love gives you "God is good."
Making God everything gets you, "I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things."
Which I would say is an accurate description of the natural God.

God is the whole, the Oneness, and we are a part of God. We can access the Oneness only through love of self and all others.

God does not judge you nor does He condemn you. There is no interference with your life. What happens is by your own hand as you interact with others.

The Bible or any other man-written sacred text does not reflect the reality of God.

I know the difference between facts and opinions, and you just dumped a whole load of opinions.

You obviously aren't familiar with Norse mythology. The gods are mortal, not immortal, and are not responsible for creation.

OK let's not use the word God. It has far too many emotions connected to it. Let's call it the Oneness from which all things came. It is possible to experience the Oneness personally through love. Many have done this sort of thing.

No. We must use the word God. We just have to define it in our own words because, as you may know, in a group of 5, there are at least 6 God ideas.

God: The ever present pressure which forces all energy in the cosmos to change at all times creating the infinite variety which filled and fills the void.

Does that make sense? I'm open to your definitions, but "God" must encompass all God concepts because you will never get anywhere talking in particular about Jehova, Thor, Zeus and the Juju at the bottom of the Lake.


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