I am Atheist and I talk with my friend's at school about religion and we do a lot of talking on the ways God cant exist. If he is the so called creator of everything and he make's everything happen then why would he create the stuff he's against. like sinning, war, murder, and many other stuff. Also God is racist because we get to live a good life while there are people out there who suffer because of famine and not to mention he tried to wipeout all the Jews with one man named Adolph Hitler. People who worshiped, Followed him and he tried to wipe them out in brutal ways. 

I would like your feedback on this to prove that God cant exist.     

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We share a part of that energy. How many accept the idea we will live after the death of our bodies in energy form.

What do you think it was it like before you were born... assuming you have no memories of it? My point is, do you feel you always were a part of this energy, or when do you think it started, at (e.g.) conception?

I believe I was part of the Oneness of energy when created. The body is taken and acts like a space suit might. It allow us to live in the physical world for a short time. More than half of the people living on our planet believe they will live after death.

Oneness of energy sounds awfully Chopra-esque.

Nobody here cares what you believe until you offer proof for it.

How can you prove a personal experience? You just read them and make up your own mind. There are thousands of them on the web.

Oh, opinions don't need proof. Facts need proof. You come to us and start spouting opinions rather than facts. 

Atheists don't care what your opinions are unless you can justify them TO US. 

It's like someone walks up to you on the street and says "I lthink apples taste better than bananas." What would you do with that other than say "Okay...so what?"?

I'm at a total loss to figure out why you are here.

Most here believe they are God and that is somewhat true. You do create your life in the physical. You make choices then you live them, choose wisely.

On 8-21-2017 at around noon I'm going to be standing in the middle of the moon's umbra, that's gonna be cool. 35 miles in every direction it will be dark in the middle of the day.

I only have to travel 64 miles to get there, the last time a full solar eclipse happen in the area where I live was 1869.

Screw all the god myths, science is better.

Happy Solar Eclipse everyone.


Gregg R. Thomas..aka Bad Ass Gun Monkey. :)

When I were younger I would try to argue with folks about belief systems. But I am content to allow others to believe whatever they wish to believe. Life is simpler that way. I had an experience that caused me to know I will live after death and things are not nearly as bad as I once envisioned. I try to help others see it also.

Well, let's discuss that experience that has you thinking you'll go on existing after death, then. Sounds like it could lead to an interesting discussion into what you count as probative.

I later found out my experience was called a near death experience. I experienced myself out of my body and being asked if I want to continue here or go on, It was caused by a heart problem. Read everything I could get on the experience and came to know I will live after the death of my body.

But those experiences have a nonspiritual, nonreligious explanation in terms of abnormal functioning of dopamine and oxygen flow as the body shuts down. (Scientific American article.)

You experienced a hallucination which was beilevable. Had it been an unbelievable hallucination...had the experience involved a two-headed leprechaun riding on the back of a multicolored unicorn with webbed feet, you'd have recognized it as a hallucination.

I have experienced hallucinations when in the hospital and they are nothing like a near death experience. Remember those who think they know never had a near death experience.


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