I am Atheist and I talk with my friend's at school about religion and we do a lot of talking on the ways God cant exist. If he is the so called creator of everything and he make's everything happen then why would he create the stuff he's against. like sinning, war, murder, and many other stuff. Also God is racist because we get to live a good life while there are people out there who suffer because of famine and not to mention he tried to wipeout all the Jews with one man named Adolph Hitler. People who worshiped, Followed him and he tried to wipe them out in brutal ways. 

I would like your feedback on this to prove that God cant exist.     

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"I am a rabid atheist"

What happens when you bite a christian?  Do they have to get shots?

Sorry it's against my, (snicker snicker), religion (snicker snicker) to bite Christians.

Besides it would be an unethical and immoral response to whatever slight I might feel.

It seems to me that you are better off letting the people who claim a god exists provide the evidence for their claim.

If you question theists as to why they believe what they believe it doesn't take long before you get to rock bottom which is 'I just do'. Faith requires faith and turning away from everything that contradicts that belief.

One can't disprove the existence of pink unicorns. orbiting teapots, or God.

Do you understand Evolution? Do you see how life fills all niches?
There is no vacuum on Earth as all voids are filled.
The same phenomenon occurs in space as every area is filled with energy.
Atoms are condensed energy and are only limited by the fundamental force which allows for existence.
There is no god in the explanation of existence.
Humans made god in their own image.

Yeah in image of yahoos. And it is so fucking transparent. 

At the least some of the western mysticism is a bit more creative.

One way God is thought of by spiritual people is All-That-Exists.

It is a Oneness of all things including all of us humans. In that sense we are created by God.

This physical life is created as a school for His children. Yes a tough school at times but there is no way anyone can fail. In the end we all go back to the spiritual world from which we came.

We come into this world from the void and return to the void when our time is up.

The void must be before anything else is possible; the dark must be for light to come.

Providing you don't try to describe the void.

Something does not come from nothing.

No one can say where we came from, it is all theory.

I disagree with your assertion but it's not important enough for us to debate here.

Everything is a theory. The evidence backing the theory is the proof...and each piece is questionable.
I don't remember being born. How do I know I wasn't grown in a vat other than my parents' testimony and lack of baby vats?

It is OK if you disagree with my assertion only to replace it with another assertion.

BTW theories are such because there is a lack of evidence. Otherwise they would not be theories but facts.

Incorrect. A theory is an explanation of observed facts. That the sun is hot, is a fact. Why it is hot, is a theory. Hope that helps


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