I've spent some time researching this subject and honestly have found some compelling evidence on both sides of the fence. Naturally I'm going to side with Global Warming because that is where (in my opinion) the strongest evidence lies.Applying pascals wager to global warming what do you have to lose by reducing emissions and what do you have to lose if you do not, leads me with the desire to take action instead of ignore it.

Taking the stance that I subscribe to the idea that global warming exists, I find it strange that the people who generally don't contain an ounce of skepticism in them are completely unable to digest global warming. Some of them naturally look to their scripture and say "man cannot destroy earth only god has the power to destroy earth" and while I will agree that man cannot destroy earth in the sense that removes it from existence man can certainly destroy earth in the sense that it is habitable. Are they simply unable to distinguish the difference between rendering an environment uninhabitable and smiting it clear out of reality?

My questions to you are, what swayed your opinion on global warming and why? Why do you think religious followers are having such a hard time swallowing the idea that global warming is taking place? And finally why in the hell do they point at such blatantly stupid ideas like "if global warming is happening why was it so cold last winter" as a basis to discredit the theory. Thanks guys

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I won't cry because the world will not end because of us. We, the human species, may end because of us, but the world (and life) has survived worse than us. And even if the worst comes true, I don't think it is likely that humans will go extinct in the near future. Not near enough for me to be around to shed a tear.

I agree with you on the rest. It really is about maintaining biodiversity and protecting resources. We are leaving a legacy, for good or for ill, and it is our future generations that will benefit or suffer for it.
This may sound selfish but you can blame that on my genes For me the end of humanity is the end of the world.
For humanity it is. The universe may not care if we exist or not but I do,
There is a lot of confusing information and misinformation about global warming (there has been a subtle shift in terminology to 'climate change'). I think it is best to remain skeptical about any 'theory',


whether or not the globe is undergoing an unnatural warming trend, it seems, to me, the human race is hell bent on destroying itself, with or without climate change. The BP disaster being the latest example.

Jacques Cousteau, 40 years ago, expressed his disgust about all the trash he encountered in the ocean. The situation has only grown worse. Corporations dump thousands of tons of toxic waste into our fresh water streams (200 years ago one could drink out of the Ohio river--now you are warned not to swim in it. Some waterways are so polluted that you can set them on fire with a match.

We are clear cutting the jungles of South America, polluting the air and dumping radioactive waste off the coast of Somalia, not to mention all the depleted uranium the US has dumped on Iraq and Afghanistan from massive bombings--and that's not even dealing with all the millions of tons of radioactive waste encircling nuclear power plants worldwide. Every year in the US we concrete over 1 million acres of prime farmland to meet the growing rate of population, which is 3 million births every year.

Growth, growth is the mantra of Big Business--the more growth the more profits. Unless this greed is capped civilization will expire long before global warming does us in.
there has been a subtle shift in terminology to 'climate change'

It is a more accurate term. But terms do not dictate the data. Global warming is exactly what it is, yet it may not be warmer in all parts of the planet.

But I agree with you, especially about the misinformation campaign and the misunderstanding of a scientifically illiterate public.


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