I've spent some time researching this subject and honestly have found some compelling evidence on both sides of the fence. Naturally I'm going to side with Global Warming because that is where (in my opinion) the strongest evidence lies.Applying pascals wager to global warming what do you have to lose by reducing emissions and what do you have to lose if you do not, leads me with the desire to take action instead of ignore it.

Taking the stance that I subscribe to the idea that global warming exists, I find it strange that the people who generally don't contain an ounce of skepticism in them are completely unable to digest global warming. Some of them naturally look to their scripture and say "man cannot destroy earth only god has the power to destroy earth" and while I will agree that man cannot destroy earth in the sense that removes it from existence man can certainly destroy earth in the sense that it is habitable. Are they simply unable to distinguish the difference between rendering an environment uninhabitable and smiting it clear out of reality?

My questions to you are, what swayed your opinion on global warming and why? Why do you think religious followers are having such a hard time swallowing the idea that global warming is taking place? And finally why in the hell do they point at such blatantly stupid ideas like "if global warming is happening why was it so cold last winter" as a basis to discredit the theory. Thanks guys

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And finally why in the hell do they point at such blatantly stupid ideas like "if global warming is happening why was it so cold last winter" as a basis to discredit the theory.

I think this can be partly blamed on some bad brainstorming, that led to a poor title, and thus does not infer what is actually occurring. "If its called 'warming' why was it colder?" is a logical question. But the person asking it also blatantly tips their hand, letting you know that they have not read about or researched climate change in-depth.
I do not believe in global warming.

That said, I do accept the claims by scientists who work in the relevant fields of study and the consensus put forth by relevant scientific bodies. I have no reason to suspect that there is a mass conspiracy to hoodwink the world about something like this. Also, I have had lengthy discussions with "warming skeptics" and often have found they are really "deniers". I base this on their inconsistent definition of compelling evidence (for example, one such denier refused to look at and/or accept scientific data, but valued anecdotal evidence of friends in the north). They also tend to cherry pick data and they seem to be emotionally compromised on the issue, the latter I base on many deniers' anger regarding certain scheming and politicking related to global warming, which is wholly unrelated to the science.
What Reggie said. (Darn evil twins)

I have to say, Reggie summed up my feelings for me as well. Brilliantly said good chap! :)
Thank you, sir!
I'm not sure why religious folk have a hard time accepting the idea of global warming. However, it may have something to do with the Republican Party / hard-core conservatives in politics. One of my friends doesn't buy it and her reasoning is simply because in her mind, it is something that the liberal media has made up to gain votes...how...silly...and incredibly conceited. Doesn't she think about political parties in other countries?

Anyway, I am a firm believer in global warming. most scientists agree that warming is occurring but they disagree on how large of an impact we are making (vs. "natural fluctuations") and whether the environment can just keep up via a negative feedback mechanism. Seeing plenty of studies in my classes though, I can't really see how natural fluctuations can be the sole cause - looking at the data we have from the earth's history. The evidence in favor of global warming is staggering and it isn't just from carbon emissions but from deforestation and such as well.
However, it may have something to do with the Republican Party / hard-core conservatives in politics.

Agreed. The issue has largely become a political football to be tossed around by the team at FoxNews. "Global Warming" is such a polarizing phrase that objectivity seems nearly impossible anymore.
Lol! "Stupid human monkeys" is perhaps the best description that I have ever heard of the cast of FoxNews.
I think there are so many misunderstandings about global warming. I agree that there is global warming. If the polar cap melted all of euro would be a ice sheet. Most people would say that is global cooling but as fresh water enters salt water it slows down the gulf streams in the Atlantic. Which in return would make euro turn into Canada. Just sayin.



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