This discussion stems from this post, which was about something else entirely. But, I thought a good discussion could be had without hijacking the blog.

So to catch you up, here is the start of it that is on the comments of the blog post:

Lyonel Nichols
...Just like the global warming scares. You guys heard about the leak to the internet about the IPCC trying to cover up the fact that they faked data?


Lyonel Nichols
I was actually referring to this. However, I did find your link interesting. However, your link only refutes a few minor claims that the CBSNews link I posted claims. This document from congress always had my suspicions up, too...

So now we are all caught up!

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check out World War Z by Max Brooks. Excellent perspective on the Zomb-pocalypse.
Oh.. I just read that a few weeks ago. Freaking wonderful!
I am buying it for my nephew for Christmas. I guess I'll have to get two. I got him the Zombie Survival Guide already and he loved it. I'm a sucker for zombies, too.
wendy, regg and misty

I love the zombie movies, my fav was omega man, however will smith's remake was fab. I will be getting this book for santa day.

cheers man
Zombies FTW!
You know.. I really feel that way.
But there is also this sense of....acceptance.
People will not make the decision to reduce the population. Even as birth control makes leaps and bounds, the only thing that EVER reduces hard numbers is food restrictions/disease.
The universe has been around for eons and eons. Our Earth has been growing life forms for billions of years. No matter what humanity does to this rock, it is going to keep turning.
Even cockroaches will survive nuclear holocaust. There will still be life. It will still evolve. No matter what we do, no matter how much ego we put into our greatness, we are not the end result of of the universe. People are only the most advanced form of life AS WE KNOW IT NOW.
In a few million years (which is a very tiny sliver of time in the whole long spectrum of things) something else will slime up through the evolutionary branches to take our place.
Humans are the only animals to compete unfairly. We kill off our competition, kill off our food sources competition and utterly obliterate other species ability to naturally evolve. Eventually, we'll get what is coming to us, though. Hell, we will probably do it to ourselves. It is pretty narcissistic to imagine that we can do any lasting damage. There is nothing a few million years won't take care of... even just a few thousand.
The worry we have about the environment ought to be a purely selfish. We need it to keep it in a balance that supports our life. Our habits are counter-productive to that. The end result won't be the destruction of the earth.. it will be the destruction of us as a species.. and I can't really say that is a bad thing.
Ah, but in 4.5 billion years, or so, the sun will expand and destroy all life on earth. So we'd better find a way off this planet or we're DOOMED!
Actually, that's only a couple billion years away. We'd better hurry. :)
Noah's Space Ship?
The Space Ark. Two sets of DNA per life form.
How will they replicate?
We have a stream at the foot of our property. And during the past three summers it has completely dried up (something it had never done before in the 20 years we've been living here). But what puzzles me, is that the fish and crayfish, they always return when the stream starts flowing again. The reason it puzzles me is that about 100 yards downstream from my property is a 10 foot water fall. There is no way up it, no way around it. The fish and crayfish don't survive the long periods of drought in some sort of suspended animation, but they always find some way back into the stream. My wife (a biologist) thinks it's their eggs are brought upstream by birds, but I'm skeptical. Anyone got any suggestions?


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