This is the link to a global petition to end Sharia Law. It is sponsored by Pat Condell and others. Though personally doubtful that internet petitions actually do much good I figured it couldn't hurt plus it might shine a little light on the barbarians among us.

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Yeah, I don't think Islamic theocracies give much of a damn for what westerners think of their laws, but awareness is awareness.
In the struggle to be PC countries like England are considering allowing the use of Sharia Law at the local level. Its this sort of thinking that I believe is the aim of petition. Need to make it clear to politician that lobbing off the hands of a thief or forcing your daughter into an arranged marriage is not acceptable nor legal. Lobbing off the tongues of idiot politicians might not be a bad idea though. Secular law should be universal.
Has England gone retarded? This is the worst idea ever. Sharia law under no conditions, I say. Stone-wall it, keep it the fuck out! That's a path nobody wants to go down.
Sharia law in and of itself is the most un-PC piece of shit on the planet. Pardon my rudeness, but fuck those assholes.

7/10 (who is on pain meds and has an excuse if so needed)
I think some European countries feel that appeasing Islam is easier than fighting it. Look how well that worked for Neville Chamberlain and Hitler.

Just the thought of them allowing Turkey into the EU makes me cringe. Turkey doesn't even come close to meeting the Human Rights standards necessary for admission but the fear of looking anti-Islamic is driving some to say that they will change if allowed in the club. Bullshit. Make them change as a condition of admission. This is the country that bans Richard Dawkin's books while at the same time proclaiming to be a secular, democratic society.
As a human being everyone has got the right to chose what he believes,above all Islam is a way of living, once all of you, realised that Islam is true religion for all of us, you 'll be joining and beging for forgiveness.
Any one before talking about Islam, must read about islam then he or she can talk about it.
If you want us to follow an illiterate, Middle Age, pedofile then you will have to scientifically prove that a) your god exists b) Mo actually heard the voice of this god and c) the koran is more than just a bunch of medieval crap written to empower men. In order for me to treat my wife like chattel and strap C4 to my chest for allah then I'm going to need more than your word to go on.


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