I thought tuesday's religious episode of glee was good, equally representing both believers and non-believers. Obviously I didn't think it was prefect but they did a better job than I would have expected. But it seems a lot of people disagreed with me, what do you think?

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I think there was a fine line the writers felt they had to walk upon. I think they did a decent job. I'm glad a show finally stood up and let the voice of a non believer speak. I just wish Kurt would have flat out said he's Atheist. It's progress though!
I just got around to seeing it myself. I thought it was sad that the only two atheists were the jerk coach that nobody likes and the gay kid that is hated by religious types regardless of his theological views. The coach turns out to be atheist because her prayers were not answered when she was a child and the gay kid was atheist because he thought it was unfair for him to be made gay. After spending the entire show clarifing that he is an atheist and wants nothing to do with religion, the pentecostal girl goes into a speil about respecting each other only to ask the kid to go to church with her. Typically, the atheist goes to church. The only thing that saved the show was that the atheist didn't convert at the end.
Yeah, it was far from perfect but at least Atheism was given a voice. Hopefully the writers bring it up in future episodes and make a better storyline for it.
more than likely, they'll have the atheists "see the light".
That's wat I am afraid of. They did give props to the Flying Spaghetti Monster and they gave some good arguments against religous claims.
I'd like to say they won't as ridiculous as glee is from time to time they take a pretty liberal stance on things most of the time. I was kind of excited about Sue being an atheist because she's my favorite although I can see how even though I'm entertained her character kinda hurts the cause. What I did like was the point she made against the guidance counselor that she was being asked to keep her opinions to herself when no one of faith would even dream of returning the favor.
I will say there were a few good one-liners scattered throughout the episode. Oh the whole though, it was smeh. I wish the Coach would have had a better conceptualization of the whole church/state dichotomy , and that she hadn't just become an atheist because people made fun of her sister with Down Syndrome. I did like her one line about how it was cruel to give people a sort of false hope. I liked how Curt realized his friends were responding in the only way they knew how, even if they were being insensitive to him. I didn't like that he had a Sikh doing acupuncture though, reminded me too much of Bill Maher and the germ theory.
I've only seen a couple episodes of the big bang theory and I didn't know that was even a part of it. Did they do a themed episode like glee did or is it something they just kinda have the character make points on in passing?


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