As most of us know, Christopher Hitchens has, as he poetically put it, abruptly become a finalist in the race of life.

I need not eulogise, for that would be disingenuous and he wouldn't appreciate it. Nor will I wax lyrical about the effect that he has had on me personally.

Whatever people may think about him personally, it would be hard to fault his integrity.

As is evident by his latest Vanity Fair article, the prognosis is grim.

I would like to propose that those of us who have been touched by what he has done for logic, reason, atheism, ideas, the progression of robust debate, thought and writing; give something back to him.

My initial thought is that perhaps those who want to, put key to notepad and jot down a few thoughts vis a vis the impact/effect he has had on us or on people we know or our community.

The idea is to collect that, have it printed and bound (with a photoshopped picture of him presiding over the funeral of the evil Ratzinger on the cover) along with a 20yr old bottle of scotch and have it sent off to him.

Of course it is a raw idea and may need some work, but I am interested in the communities thoughts as to the suitability and interest in such a plan.

Over to you...

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I LOVE this idea! He's given us so many hours of entertainment, we should definitely give something back to him. And I'd love to contribute as well :)
I agree. Great idea. Where do I send my thoughts?

Maybe without the pope-burying, though.
Im all over it. Hitchens gave me scripture for Atheists like nobody else. I have a kindle and paper version of the "Portable Atheist" and it has been a blessing in my life.
I think you should go directly to Morgan with this idea. I'm going to bring it to his attention myself, but I think it's a fantastic idea. Would you want Think Atheist to organize it?
Probably having Think Atheist organise it would be a good option - it would be a central point of contact to collate stuff anyway... hopefully they are open to the idea... Think Atheist, Think Atheist?
I think we should try not to write this as a eulogy, but just as a thank-you... something he'll see. Do you agree? I'd personally like him to know just how much he's appreciated while he's still with us. :)
I would go as far as to donate money to ThinkAtheist for this cause.
I'm entirely in.
Count me in. But lets not give up hope yet.
Just as inspiring as ever. Truly amazing.
I think this is a great idea!
I am all for it. Judas send me a message and we can get started.


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