Over at the Middle school where I went to many years ago, there is a church where each and every day the same man hands out little orange bibles to the students on their way home, and each time he says the same thing "Jesus loves you why dont you love him back?". Is this going a bit to far? Is what he doing considered pressuring young children to do something that they don't want to?

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I went to a JW meeting here in South Africa on a research project for my anthropology class. I was supposed to go at least 5 times, I went once and never again. I couldn't walk back into that place again, it was too creepy.

They discussed how to convert people. They told a story of a member that was recruited through door to door visits, and how this women broke down and told them about her divorce and the problems she had been having. In the meeting they said that one way to convert a person is by listening to their problems and being a shoulder to cry on, then showing them the JW way.

This creeped me out, it was an obvious way to take advantage of someone in a moment of distrust in others and in distress. Of course it works, it's a form of brainwashing if I'm not mistaken. That is why I close my doors.. Not interested

For some reason I don't pick up on the whole creepy vibe with people of other religions. But although I haven't experienced the things you are talking about I still find them creepy and get a strange feeling from them..intuition? I always need to shudder when the door closes on them XD

I don't get a creepy vibe from other religions normally, just the JW's. That wasn't even the worst of it, after the meeting had ended, the entire congregation had noticed I was new and came up to greet me. The extreme friendliness and unnatural smiles is completely abnormal. It's like brainwashed robot people. It took me an hour to get from my seat to the door which was 2 meters away because everyone came up to me and asked when I was coming back..

Weird stuff.

I pointed out the "constantly smiling thing" to my boyfriend (nearly whole family Is JW) in response to the question- "What would you do if you had to meet my family?" and said I would be polite but desperately trying not to voice what would be going on in my head, namely, "Don't say cult. Don't say cult. Don't say cult...HI!" He just chuckled. XD 

Hahahaha! Yeah, maybe you should practice XD


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