Over at the Middle school where I went to many years ago, there is a church where each and every day the same man hands out little orange bibles to the students on their way home, and each time he says the same thing "Jesus loves you why dont you love him back?". Is this going a bit to far? Is what he doing considered pressuring young children to do something that they don't want to?

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I think that the "going too far" mark was passed ages ago, with the indoctrination and brainwashing that is forced upon them from the moment that they can understand concepts such as "god", "heaven" and "hell", probably even before then. Children are not permitted to think for themselves, and this isn't just limited to the realm of religion. We are forced to box ourselves into what everyone else thinks is a 'good citizen for the country'. We are even taught HOW to think these days.

But if I had to point it out, I would say it is going too far. Bible bashing should be illegal.

Is it a good or bad sign that I initially read the title of this thread as "Giving Babies to students"?

Anyway, I think what this guy is doing is absolutely going too far.  Firstly, if it's on school property, it's illegal, and should be reported.  Secondly, he isn't just handing out a bible and letting the kids research for themselves, but he's trying to guilt-trip the kids into believing.

I would encourage my children to take one every day.

How many uses can we come up with for a stack of orange bibles?

- Building bricks

- Kindling

- Emergency toilet paper

Any other suggestions?

This made me laugh.. :D

Thanks for that

-Steadying this wonky table?


Love it!

I haven't been on their site for a while, this gave me a giggle:

It is and it a horrible thing to do to a child

the problem is not them giving out bibles its the fact 99.9999% of people would not even bother reading the bible they have just been giving. and i mean reading all of it not just a select verse or 2.

I am still of the firm belief that if more christians actualy read there entire holy book we would have more atheists

on top of that, it's probably an annotated pocketbible version with certain distasteful parts cut out.

I would take one myself even if I was a child at the time but I wouldn't read it unless I was really bored and had run out of books to wile the summer away XD

Does anyone here know a single person who was as a child converted to Christianity by a man on the corner handing out Bibles? I certainly don't know anyone who was and I think it highly unlikely that anyone else on here does. If this man is indeed handing out Bibles on school property he should be reported to the school principal as it is illegal to do this on school property. If this man is handing out Bibles on public property it's probably best to ignore him, the effect he is having on children passing by is moot.

I was thinking something similar the other day- how many do JWs convert going door to door? Especially as their reputation precedes them


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