GIVEAWAY!!! Win a copy of Prof. Lawrence Krauss's A Universe From Nothing!

EDIT2: This giveaway has concluded. Thanks to everyone that entered or purchased the book through the TA Radio Show bookstore! Tune in to the show to hear the winners announced!

EDIT!: The giveaway is now LIVE! The contest entering tweet is:

I'm a member of @ThinkAtheist and I want a copy of Lawrence Krauss's "A Universe From Nothing"! #atheism #science

Follow the instructions below to enter with this tweet and you'll have a chance to win a copy of the book!

Just received word from Free Press, the publisher of Lawrence Krauss's fantastic new book, A Universe From Nothing, that we'll be able to give away 5 copies to coincide with Prof. Krauss's joining us for an interview to air this Sunday night, January 15th! The giveaway will run from 9AM Eastern Friday the 13th to 12PM Eastern Sunday the 15th. Instructions for how to enter to win your copy are below!

But if you can't wait for the giveaway, you can always purchase the book through the Think Atheist Radio Amazon Book Store by clicking here!

The author:

For those that don't know, Dr. Krauss is a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University where he is the director of that school's “Origins Project”. His research interests include the interface between elementary particle physics and cosmology, where his studies include the early universe, the nature of dark matter, general relativity and neutrino astrophysics. He is the author of, among others, The Physics of Star Trek and Atom: A Single Oxygen Atom's Journey from the Big Bang, to Life on ....

The book:

Spawned from his wildly popular talk at the 2009 Atheists Alliance International conference, his new book– which includes an afterword by none other than Richard Dawkins– takes us from Newton all the way up through Lemaître, Einstein, Hubble, and on up to today and the CMBR data, showing us in the clear compelling language we've come to expect from a communicator of his caliber, just how and why the universe requires no Creator. Want to put the question "Why is there something rather than nothing?" to bed? And don't think for a second if you've seen the video of Prof. Krauss's 2009 talk that you've heard it all. This book goes in to much more detail and includes his additional and updated thoughts cultivated through discussions with others in the field, coverage of common misconceptions, and corrections to media coverage of his talk! Seriously. Read this book.

The praise has come from significant voices:

"Astronomers at the beginning of the twentieth century were wondering whether there was anything beyond our Milky Way Galaxy. As Lawrence Krauss lucidly explains, astronomers living two trillion years from now, will perhaps be pondering precisely the same question! Beautifully navigating through deep intellectual waters, Krauss presents the most recent ideas on the nature of our cosmos, and of our place within it. A fascinating read."

Mario Livio, author of Is God A Mathematician? and The Golden Ratio

"In this clear and crisply written book, Lawrence Krauss outlines the compelling evidence that our complex cosmos has evolved from a hot, dense state and how this progress has emboldened theorists to develop fascinating speculations about how things really began."

Martin Rees, author of Our Final Hour
“A series of brilliant insights and astonishing discoveries have rocked the Universe in recent years, and Lawrence Krauss has been in the thick of it. With his characteristic verve, and using many clever devices, he’s made that remarkable story remarkably accessible. The climax is a bold scientific answer to the great question of existence: Why is there something rather than nothing.”

Frank Wilczek, Nobel Laureate and Herman Feshbach professor at MIT, author of The Lightness of Being

"With characteristic wit, eloquence and clarity Lawrence Krauss gives a wonderfully illuminating account of how science deals with one of the biggest questions of all: how the universe's existence could arise from nothing. It is a question that philosophy and theology get themselves into muddle over, but that science can offer real answers to, as Krauss's lucid explanation shows. Here is the triumph of physics over metaphysics, reason and enquiry over obfuscation and myth, made plain for all to see: Krauss gives us a treat as well as an education in fascinating style."

A. C. Grayling, author of The Good Book

"In A Universe from Nothing, Lawrence Krauss has written a thrilling introduction to the current state of cosmology—the branch of science that tells us about the deep past and deeper future of everything. As it turns out, everything has a lot to do with nothing—and nothing to do with God. This is a brilliant and disarming book."

Sam Harris, author of The Moral Landscape

"We have been living through a revolution in cosmology as wondrous as that initiated by Copernicus. Here is the essential, engrossing and brilliant guide."

Ian McEwan

“Nothing is not nothing. Nothing is something. That's how a cosmos can be spawned from the void -- a profound idea conveyed in A Universe From Nothingthat unsettles some yet enlightens others. Meanwhile, it's just another day on the job for physicist Lawrence Krauss.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History



Here are the giveaway rules:

1) Open to members of Think Atheist with a Twitter account. Create one now so that you're prepared ahead of time for the giveaway. (Each giveaway we have one or two people saying "I don't want to create a Twitter account just for the giveaway!" and then invariably we end up with one of the winners being someone who created their account just for the giveaways. So... yeah.)


2) Held 9AM Friday January 13th to 12PM Sunday January 15th. (All times are Eastern US. Here's a timezone converter for those in other timezones around the world.) The giveaway will go live with an announcement from the Producer of the Think Atheist Radio Show's Twitter.


3) You will be considered to have entered the giveaway when, as a Think Atheist member, you take to Twitter between the hours of 9AM Friday January 13th to 12PM Sunday January 15th to follow Think Atheist on Twitter and send the specified giveaway entering tweet. The giveaway entering tweet can be found at the top of this page but is: I'm a member of @ThinkAtheist and I want a copy of Lawrence Krauss's "A Universe From Nothing"! #atheism #science. Create your Twitter account, join Think Atheist if you're not already a member.


4) One entry per person. Multiple entries will not count and may result in your being excluded from the giveaway entirely! Follow the Producer of the Think Atheist Radio Show's Twitterto watch for confirmation that your entry has been received.


5) At the conclusion of the giveaway we will randomly draw as many numbers corresponding to entries as their are prizes to giveaway. Provisional* winners will be announced on the Think Atheist Radio Showon January 15th beginning at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern*. Make sure you tune in to the show to see if you've won! (Remember, if you can't listen live you can listen to the show from the archive at any time immediately following its having aired live!) *Should any of the chosen entrants not be verified as Think Atheist members and as followers of Think Atheist on Twitter we will then randomly select another entrant. This will continue until such time as we have as many verified Think Atheist members/Think Atheist Twitter followers as winners as their are prizes.


6) Winners MUST contact The Show's producer Nelson by emailing Nelson@iThinkAtheist.comwith their address within 48 hours of the announcement of the winners to be eligible to receive their prize.** Upon receiving the shipping addresses of the verified and eligible winners we will forward them to the publisher. All costs of shipping the book will be handled at no cost to the winners, whether a winner is within or without the US. **IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT NELSON AT NELSON@ITHINKATHEIST.COM WITHIN 48 HOURS TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE YOU WILL FORFEIT THE PRIZE AND ANOTHER WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN. THIS WILL GO ON UNTIL WE HAVE AS MANY CONFIRMED WINNERS THAT HAVE CLAIMED THEIR PRIZE AS THEIR ARE PRIZES.


So there you go everyone! Thanks to the book's publisher, Free Press, and Prof. Krauss for being so gracious! Create your Twitter profile. Join Think Atheist! Get ready! Make sure you check out our past shows, and keep an eye out for upcoming guests as well! And, hey, if you enjoy the show and you can spare a few bucks, help us make sure we stay on the air! Alternatively, shop the Think Atheist Radio Show book store where you'll get the same deals as Amazon direct but Amazon gives us a bit of the profit on each sale made via that link to support the show! Finally, always use this link when buying from Amazon and you can support the show that way too! We'd love to continue doing book giveaways, getting great guests and putting them in front of you each week so that you can hear their thoughts but in order to do so we have to pay the bills! We appreciate all the help you guys can provide!

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I want!

It sounds like it covers my fav topics so I couldn't bother to wait and see if I won the contest. I downloaded the Kindle version. Reading...

I am so interested in A Universe from Nothing!

Hey Nelson, I've tweeted (@acosmichippo), but haven't received confirmation.  Did I do something wrong, or are you just swamped with entries.

No rush, I just wanna make sure I get the entry in.

Thanks.  I kinda figured that was the case, but didn't want to wait too long to ask, lest I miss the deadline.

Anyway, the lecture today was awesome.  He did a book wining afterwards as well, and was exceedingly nice. 
book *signing* actually.

So, do you retweet every entry?  I seem to enter these things (exactly twice) and never see a retweet to confirm. Just wondering if I need to evaluate my Twitter settings.

Shit!  All the free books I might have won (exactly two)!  Thanks for the heads up, Nelson.  Keep up the great work!

I'll free it up, Tweet again, and then close it down when the contest closes.  Is that cool?

Done and done.  I look forward to the confirmation of entry.  Also, now I know why Nathan Fillion has not received any of my love poem Tweets.  Learn something new every day.

I did!  Thanks!  It totally made my morning.  Thanks, Nelson!

I'm a member of @ThinkAtheist and I want a copy of Lawrence Krauss's "A Universe From Nothing"! #atheism #science


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