Finally, I can scream it. Give yourself some credit!" What does god have to do with your achievements and your woes? You make all of your own decisions based on-ready for it?-critical thinking. Yet you thank god for your achievements and plea with him when things go bad. I do not want to hear about it. I so bad want to hit "like" or leave a "Congrats" or "I'm sorry." message but as soon as i see the mention of "god" I loose interest because you dont think enough of yourself. So why should I?

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Ha ha, I really understand. I feel like screaming things at Christians sometimes. I even have dreams I am doing just that.

You make all of your own decisions based on-ready for it?-critical thinking.

Or some sort of thinking, not necessarily critical. If god is prominent in their worldview, their thinking is a bit sub-par, but most muddle through things anyway, just like the rest of us do.

The vast majority of my "friends" on Facebook are 12-steppers (I'm a recovering alcoholic and I do need the support I get from being around other people with the problem), so I hear the god stuff all the time. Though I identify with the problem, and certainly benefit from the understanding and empathy these people have, their "solution" of a "Higher Power" (their caps) I could do without. Like you, I could also do without thanks to god for a new place to live, a promotion, a good parking place at the supermarket, or whatever.

I post all sorts of atheist things to my Wall, which are apparently ignored by these folks. As are my various attacks on GOP candidates, anti-gay folks, and other sundry nutjobs. I get an occasional 'like' from one or two, but most pass without comment. I sometimes wonder if someone has invented a "spam filter" for FB and these folks have installed it and configured it so I'm not seen. (If there is such a thing, I need one)

I went simple. Deleted my FB account. It was too annoying. Afterall, I do live in North Carolina.


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