Yeah, Catholic Priests are a hard act to top..but here is my Nun Story..

The kid sitting in his desk in front of me turned around because he heard me open a candy wrapper.

His name was Tim, he had a buzz cut and his ears stuck out. Sister Rose Marie happened to catch him not looking forward. She was a big imposing woman in that white cornette and black habit. Her giant black shoes were headed our way, really fast. She attempted to yank poor Tim from his desk by grabbing his almost non existent hair, but she couldn't get a hold. Alas, she did exactly what I feared, she grasped for one of those tea-kettle ear handles on the side of his head. We could all hear the cartilage give and the immediate shrill from poor Tim. This was 1967. There was no child advocacy, or ADDH diagnosis. Tim still had one ear hanging about 1/4 inch low when we graduated High School !

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Share a NUN story !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A few more BAD GIRLZ...This list took me about 6 minutes to compile

Spanish Nun Arrested for Participation in Massive Baby-Stealing Ring

Nun Is Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $1.2-Million

Prison nun arrested on marijuana smuggling charges

Gambling Nun Gets House Arrest for Embezzlement

Wantagh nun charged with drunken driving

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I am as tall now, as I( was in the fifth grade.  I had done something to aggravate the nun teaching class.  Her punishment was to make you stand while she gave you a good shaking.  She ordered me to stand and grabbed me and started to shake.  (She was a rather short nun). i felt this intense shaking, but noticed I wasn't moving.  I looked down at this vibrating woman and recognized the terror in her eyes.  She stopped immediately, and without saying a word, returned to her desk.  She never bothered me again. 

Oh yes, We had "shaking" too. Nuns are shakers, LOL.

Here's a second-hand story: A friend of the family told us about her teacher who felt it her moral duty to perform "bra checks" each morning. This nun lined up her all female class and "checked" for their bras. "From the back?" I asked the woman. "No, from the front!" Our friend laughed as she told the tale of the "lesbian nun." It can't have been funny at the time she was subjected to such an invasive, humiliating and utterly pointless inspection. This nun abused her authority as a teacher and her moral authority as a spiritual leader to molest her students each day, for who knows how many years, under the guise of enforcing female modesty.  Sick, sick, sick.  Given our familiarity with the way Catholic tradition perverts male sexuality, this story of female abuse wasn't nearly as shocking as it ought to have been.  I am SO glad I was never taught by a nun!


I feel very sad for Tim.

Its true that we dont hear much about the Nuns and they should be exposed.. They dont do much of the sexual abuse but they were really cruel.


But just reading that list made me laugh my head off.

I cant wait to read the stories.

Lol sadly only real nun story is almost became one. Worse yet my youngest brother almost became a priest. Now we are both Atheist.

Oh Angela K, this could have been you!

God created marihuana in the Garden of Eden.

lol  only way to deal with having a bad habit

I wasn't going to be a nun--they were sad and pathetic in my eyes. In kindergarten I was in awe of our priest and that's what I wanted to be. lofl.

I got nun.

I am an occupational therapist at a skilled nursing facility.  We have a Carmelite monastery just down the road and have the nuns come to our facility from time to time.  Sister Whatsits (I can't remember her name) came from the hospital with a broken hip.  She was very elderly, very sweet, and a little bit confused.  When she was 17, a family member eventually told me, she was in Italy studying opera.  Somehow she encountered Father Pedro Pio, the famous stigmatic priest, who told her that she was chosen by God and needed to become a nun. 

She gave up a promising career as a singer to become a nun, and from what she told me in one of her weaker moments, she was sad that she had come to the end of her life and had never known a man in the Biblical sense.

In a desperate attempt to engage her in something meaningful for her, I found an online rosary site and settled down with the nice sister for a little afternoon Mary-hailing.  I had never heard it before.  It almost put me in a coma, and she promptly fell asleep.  I considered it a raging success.

One day before she left to return to the monastery, she asked me suddenly if I believed in God.  I told her that I didn't.  She said something to the effect that it's all good, and went back to peacefully looking at the trees we were sitting under.  She was one of the sweetest, most humble people I have ever met.  

Sounds like a lovely woman. It's sad she didn't reach her full potential..


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