Let's have some fun. Play god's advocate. I thought this would be easier. Arguing for god is not easy, especially if you don't use the holy books. My best shot.

(A) I just feel god, in my heart.

I went like this for years until I admitted to myself that I was talking to myself. I was probably a result of childhood indoctrination. It' a weak argument.

(B) There has to be eternal "justice"; what is the point of being a good person. Why not just be a thief and do what ever you want to make yourself happy?

This is the best argument for god, I think. What "goes around-comes around" here on earth, but not always. Granted, it is just wishful thinking that fairness is somehow owed to us.

(C) Something had to create all this

I went with this for a while. Then I figured out that it is "small thinking" and an imposition of our limited life experience.

That's all I got. Take away the divinity of the holy books and its a hard sell. What is your best argument for the existence of god?





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Don't know, never met her, but I adore the way she arranged my pelvic nerves !

It is annoying when people label things "god", it strips away the underlying understanding of life, the universe and everything. Thats why being athiest...one throws the use of the word in the dustbin because of its discrepancies and primative thinking censoring how things, life and everything works which science explains in other words.. the phrase "my shit" can be interpreted as "my god", or we are living in a big God... it is just simply nonsensical, as when using it when calling things god, you have your perception and others have a different picture totally what your on about, where you are expressing nature and they think you talking about that imaginary male entity.... calling things god makes things less specific and more vague.

So it seems you believe, the Universe exists eternally, without a beginning ?

therefore pantheism cannot be true.

Pantheism states, that nature is identical with God. If nature had a beginning with the big bang, then God himself had a beginning as well. Since God by definition is a necessary being, he cannot have been created.

So, lets say pantheism is true. What caused God and nature into being ?

@ Angelo-The language of causation only makes sense in a temporal reference. Now  if time(and space) began with the big bang then talking about the cause of the big bang would be like asking how much does yellow weigh. Ie entirely nonsensical.

But I DON'T say that pantheism is true, which kinda takes all the "let's" out of it --

"What caused God and nature into being ?" - Well, see, that's actually TWO questions:

  1. What caused nature into being? - It happened, as the name implies, naturally. And,
  2. What caused god into being? - That one is much simpler - early men, sitting around a campfire at night wondered where everything came from. They didn't know anything about science, but they noticed that the lightning and thunder seemed to come from the sky, as well as the wind, and hail, and rain. The sun and the moon and stars were up there as well, and once in a while they would see what looked like a star fall. So they concluded that there must be somebody living up there that made all of these things happen. If there were, what would he be like, they wondered, and little by little, they made everything up that we know of today as religion, as a way to explain how the world works.

Rocky, RE: "like asking how much does yellow weigh. Ie entirely nonsensical."

Not quite, the weight of yellow can be found by the formula, (green - blue)!

Arch- so how much does yellow weigh in grams then?

You have to apply the formula, weigh green in grams, weigh blue in grams, subtract = yellow! Simple!

That is only by your definition of god mate. There are plenty of other  definitions of god.

It is also perfectly possible that the big bang was just the birth of one of a multitude of  universes, or the birth of the current form our universe takes.

For that matter we could even throw panenthiesm in . Which is pantheism +1.


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