If you’re sexy and you know it, submit a photo to Think Atheist ASAP! We’re putting together a fund raising calendar for the website of our most lovely-looking ladies for 2010, and we need some steamy photos FAST. So if you’ve always wanted to be one of those lucky calendar girls, now’s your chance!

Here are the official rules:

1. NO NUDITY. This is very important and must be strictly adhered to. Be sexy and racy, but no full frontal nudity will be used in the calendar.

2. No full names will be put on the calendar to protect the privacy and safety of all the girls. Only a first name and the girl’s TA profile URL will be used. Girls may also choose to use a pseudonym for the calendar if they wish.

3. Girls may request a month to have their photo associated with, but we cannot guarantee that every girl will get the month they chose.

4. Submissions must be in by no later than December 17th, 2009 at 11:59 pm. We understand this is kind of soon, but we need to get the calendar done before the new year!

5. There are only 12 months, so only 12 girls will ultimately be chosen. All decisions are to be made by Think Atheist staff members and are final.

6. Only one photo submission per participant allowed. Choose it wisely!

To submit a photo, email it to thinkatheist@gmail.com as an attachment. Photos should be jpegs, in the biggest file size you can make. A suggested pixel size of twenty three hundred by eighteen hundred is recommended. Questions or comments? Drop us a line over at the forum:

We can’t wait to see what you guys send in! And as always, thanks for helping out the community here at Think Atheist.

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Ms Palooza, I got a suggestion from a friend, who bought one, for next year if these are viable. He suggested that maybe if we have atheist birthdays, and or other events on the calendar it would be more interesting to him. Origin of Species released, Jan Hus burned at the stake, the Crusades come to an end (wait, did they ever end?). I don't know, but we could spit ball it if we end up doing it next year.
Oh yes! That would be awesome.

(I haven't bought this yet due to that rare disease lackamullah [please tell me someone gets this], but I intend to within the next two weeks).

I would say maybe famous atheist birthdays (although I wouldn't mind non-famous atheist birthdays, too, just 'cause I'm conceited enough to want to see my birthday printed professionally on a calendar :P).

Origin of the Species released, yes, but other books, as well (the release of books by Dawkins, Dennet, Harris, Hitchens, Coyne, Sagan, Hawking, etc).

I'm trying to think of other things... the Summer Solstice and winter Solstice? Daylight Savings Time?

Hmm... maybe we could arbitrarily make up atheist Holidays and dates for them just to put on the calendar... :D

These are definitely good ideas...
I get it, but I think your stats on its rarity are off by a mile!
It must be contagious, cus I have it, too!
Haha yeah, you're probably right. We're definitely seeing an epidemic these days... a lackamulah explosion, if you will...

Nice! I like!


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