If you’re sexy and you know it, submit a photo to Think Atheist ASAP! We’re putting together a fund raising calendar for the website of our most lovely-looking ladies for 2010, and we need some steamy photos FAST. So if you’ve always wanted to be one of those lucky calendar girls, now’s your chance!

Here are the official rules:

1. NO NUDITY. This is very important and must be strictly adhered to. Be sexy and racy, but no full frontal nudity will be used in the calendar.

2. No full names will be put on the calendar to protect the privacy and safety of all the girls. Only a first name and the girl’s TA profile URL will be used. Girls may also choose to use a pseudonym for the calendar if they wish.

3. Girls may request a month to have their photo associated with, but we cannot guarantee that every girl will get the month they chose.

4. Submissions must be in by no later than December 17th, 2009 at 11:59 pm. We understand this is kind of soon, but we need to get the calendar done before the new year!

5. There are only 12 months, so only 12 girls will ultimately be chosen. All decisions are to be made by Think Atheist staff members and are final.

6. Only one photo submission per participant allowed. Choose it wisely!

To submit a photo, email it to thinkatheist@gmail.com as an attachment. Photos should be jpegs, in the biggest file size you can make. A suggested pixel size of twenty three hundred by eighteen hundred is recommended. Questions or comments? Drop us a line over at the forum:

We can’t wait to see what you guys send in! And as always, thanks for helping out the community here at Think Atheist.

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Great idea! Is there a way to rotate through the states? As a way of representing atheism in all 50 states. Only a thought.

Oh! I hope it is more than a "if you are sexy and you know it" type of calendar, try doing something that's rarely done... breasts are breasts, fake smiles are fake smiles... how about something real and candid.
I think this is a fantastic idea for a fund-raiser! I'd love to see a variety of ages, sizes, styles, etc. represented. How about doing collages of photos rather than one per month? They could be put together creatively, I'm sure.

Another idea would be to request that women who have atheist-themed apparel, accessories, etc. (esp ones from this site with the T|A logo on them...extra incentive to purchase something from this site...I'm just sayin') should wear or prominently display them in their submitted photos, respectively.

I love the idea of including all pics submitted (provided they follow the guidelines outlined above), with the goal of having as many women from T|A in the calendar as possible. I think more people would buy them if either they see themselves in the calendar, or someone they know, or proof that there are many female atheists, or they just want to look at a bunch of women in a calendar...lol. Plus, it would show people that there are lots more women out there who are atheists than many people think there are (HA! We walk amongst them and they don't even know it!)...Thus, following our mission statement of breaking down stereotypes of atheists!
Great idea Chelsea! The more people the merrier :).
Awesome, Chel!
I like the idea of including a variety of ages, sizes, styles etc. I think that would make the people who were bitching about the calendar happy too as they seemed to be concerned about objectification of women (probably specifically objectifying only stereotypically sexy women).

As a side note, if you are going to make a 2011 calendar...you should put out the call for photos way ahead of time so people can find a professional photographer to take quality photos. If I were to send in an image it would be of me in my wedding dress because that's all I have that looks good enough for publication (and I think the photography studio owns the printing rights so it probably can't be used anyway).

edit...found a picture from college I can send in. It's my profile picture only the hat part is red. It could represent all the closeted atheist women.
And that's where the creativity comes in on the part of the person/s compiling the pics for the calendar. Every pic could be incorporated in some month or other in a theme-appropriate way, right?! Your red hat pic could be on the Feb photo collage, for example...Subtle, yet fairly obvious.

If you all want to do it this way, what's the best call-to-action email blast we could send to the entire site to get the most women to respond before the deadline? We could add a disclaimer at the bottom of the eblast stating that we will do our best to get all photos submitted into the calender in time for publication (in case we get too many at the last moment to use). I'm thinking that a call-to-action email request that EVERY T|A woman interested in being in the calendar send in a pic (within the guidelines, of course) might be incentivizing enough.
Have you ever seen the skeptchic pin up calendars? They include men and women and each pose is artistically designed to be funny (like a nude male with his parts covered by a giant telescope). So it's a pin up...but it's also nerdy sexy. I think something like that could work for next year....when there is more time for people to get really good pictures made (this is assuming anyone is interested in going to that trouble....I don't think I'd have any made)
I want you on my calendar ;)
What a great idea! Maybe start a bit earlier next year though, eh? :)
With keen anticipation I clicked on the link,
Seeking a curious picture of an atheist I think,
Alas for I am not right,
I cant see the Light,
From the glare of the public does Newtonslight shrink.
I love that pic!
This is just a quick update. The response has been overwhelming with the submissions for this calender. If you have not already entered please get your high resolution picture (dimension wise) sent to ThinkAtheist@gmail.com

Thanks everyone for your support!


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