If you’re sexy and you know it, submit a photo to Think Atheist ASAP! We’re putting together a fund raising calendar for the website of our most lovely-looking ladies for 2010, and we need some steamy photos FAST. So if you’ve always wanted to be one of those lucky calendar girls, now’s your chance!

Here are the official rules:

1. NO NUDITY. This is very important and must be strictly adhered to. Be sexy and racy, but no full frontal nudity will be used in the calendar.

2. No full names will be put on the calendar to protect the privacy and safety of all the girls. Only a first name and the girl’s TA profile URL will be used. Girls may also choose to use a pseudonym for the calendar if they wish.

3. Girls may request a month to have their photo associated with, but we cannot guarantee that every girl will get the month they chose.

4. Submissions must be in by no later than December 17th, 2009 at 11:59 pm. We understand this is kind of soon, but we need to get the calendar done before the new year!

5. There are only 12 months, so only 12 girls will ultimately be chosen. All decisions are to be made by Think Atheist staff members and are final.

6. Only one photo submission per participant allowed. Choose it wisely!

To submit a photo, email it to thinkatheist@gmail.com as an attachment. Photos should be jpegs, in the biggest file size you can make. A suggested pixel size of twenty three hundred by eighteen hundred is recommended. Questions or comments? Drop us a line over at the forum:

We can’t wait to see what you guys send in! And as always, thanks for helping out the community here at Think Atheist.

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Scandalous! I can see your skin!

But a great example of a sexy picture of a beautiful atheist. What could possibly be wrong with that?
I understand that some things make some people uncomfortable.
There is still no reason to ruin other people's fun. If it's not your thing then it's just not your thing.
Feeling pretty is very empowering and gratifying and we shouldn't take that away from anyone.
Just sent my photo in. Super fun idea!
Seems to me hardcore feminists don't believe in freedom of choice.
Haha, agreed.
You know.. I was the one that pushed Morgan for this.
There are so many complaints that there are no female atheists, I thought it was a good way to prove otherwise. I also figured that it was a great way to bring a little attention to the atheist movement.
To anyone that says it's sexist, I say you are a hypocrite. There is NOTHING more sexist than trying to tell me what pictures I should or shouldn't take, and how I should or shouldn't publish them.
Please stop trying to protect me from myself. I promise I do a good enough job myself.

Boys... I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got!
Actually, now that I think about it.. I can't honestly say that the idea was mine. I seem to recall it being discussed and then shelved a while ago. I can't seem to remember if someone else brought it up and I jumped on board, only to push for it again now... or if I came up with the idea then, too.
So heartfelt apologies out there, if someone is sitting thinking I stole your idea. I may well have.
Ah, I've read through all the comments and I think it's a good idea.
If my RA Nancy will send in a photo, then so will I.
The winner gets tied up!
Just reading through the comments, I see issues coming from both sides.

First of all, "objectification" is a real issue. Don't think you guys are all powerful because you "appreciate the female form" because you can still appreciate it without it being trashy. I appreciate the female form as well, being a lesbian, but I want it to be tasteful. To those fully opposed, don't abandon it at the drop of a hat--instead think of it as an opportunity for the atheist community to emphasis real, intellectual women while also bringing a few bucks into the site.

And both sides need to stop generalizing feminists by the few comments they see. Feminism is split as it is and does not need further fuel added to the division. >br />
Just please, cut back on the downward angle shots emphasizing cleavage. It's really annoying. Women are more than breasts--as nice as they are.
Just please, cut back on the downward angle shots emphasizing cleavage. It's really annoying. Women are more than breasts-

smells of cencorship. My message to the girls is , GET YER TITS OUT FOR THE BOYS, GET YER TITS OUT FOR THE BOYS

take care
Yes I was joking, please send these more adult themed pictures straight too my inbox.

thanks girls
Haha, that is hilarious!


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