If you’re sexy and you know it, submit a photo to Think Atheist ASAP! We’re putting together a fund raising calendar for the website of our most lovely-looking ladies for 2010, and we need some steamy photos FAST. So if you’ve always wanted to be one of those lucky calendar girls, now’s your chance!

Here are the official rules:

1. NO NUDITY. This is very important and must be strictly adhered to. Be sexy and racy, but no full frontal nudity will be used in the calendar.

2. No full names will be put on the calendar to protect the privacy and safety of all the girls. Only a first name and the girl’s TA profile URL will be used. Girls may also choose to use a pseudonym for the calendar if they wish.

3. Girls may request a month to have their photo associated with, but we cannot guarantee that every girl will get the month they chose.

4. Submissions must be in by no later than December 17th, 2009 at 11:59 pm. We understand this is kind of soon, but we need to get the calendar done before the new year!

5. There are only 12 months, so only 12 girls will ultimately be chosen. All decisions are to be made by Think Atheist staff members and are final.

6. Only one photo submission per participant allowed. Choose it wisely!

To submit a photo, email it to thinkatheist@gmail.com as an attachment. Photos should be jpegs, in the biggest file size you can make. A suggested pixel size of twenty three hundred by eighteen hundred is recommended. Questions or comments? Drop us a line over at the forum:

We can’t wait to see what you guys send in! And as always, thanks for helping out the community here at Think Atheist.

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Same here.
Then again, with so few men participating possibly, the joke could be on the women.
I think the Calendar is a GREAT idea... If my camera was working I'd enter myself ... Good Job guys can't wait to see the calendar!!
I am Dec in the guys version :]
I'll send you one for September, my birth month, after I land in FL tomorrow. This is going to be fun.
Oh oh, can I be a Christian for April?
Apparently, a few female members of the organization are upset with this calendar for a few reasons which I will try and address.

1. The objectification of women: I think what really got people upset was that we said we wanted "sexy" women for the photos, yet we did not specify what sexy means here. To assume that we are looking for size 2 models in bikinis would be a gross overstatement; were looking for the many beautiful women who represent the site. I can understand the concern of objectification, but the other assumption there is that the women have nothing to them aside from their looks. Any member of this site would know from being here for just a few minutes how intelligent, opinionated, informed, funny, and connected our female members are. The term "equal opportunity objectifier" has been used, too, but again, this is meant to be a celebration of our members, in all their beautiful physical, mental, and emotional ways.

2. Some people have also been upset that I am the one to post this discussion and that I also identify as a feminist who can't seem to grasp what is "wrong" with this situation. I personally do not see anything wrong with it, as we are not marketing a certain kind of female image. I understand that, yes, this is objectification, and yes, in most cases I would be against this. But we are tying to expand the definition of what is sexy, not fall into its modern limited confines. Also, simply because I identify as a feminist does not make me a spokesperson for the movement; my personal feminism is as individual as I am, and because of that, my feminism should not be seen as an "excuse" for legitimizing the calendar.

I am sorry that many people are getting so offended by this, but this is meant to be a fun, easy fundraiser for the website. We always welcome constructive suggestions, so if you have an idea please let us know.
Most people, not just women, want to be perceived as sexy. While it technically is objectifying I think it's a moot point.
This calendar was not my idea, it was brought up to me and I thought it would be a good idea. Besides, don't try to punish me for this because you think I'm attractive - I cannot control how I look very much .This is the body and face I was born with, and I won't stand for people trying to damn me for it.
I think religion offers women, particularly women who are wives or mothers, certain social supports. If I was Christian, I could dress nicely, go out to see friends, and sit and hear something "educational" for an hour or two (maybe even with enjoyable music) while my child was being cared for by someone else. I'm an atheist, so on Sunday mornings I watch Pat Condell videos while my son tries to climb on top of me.

Offering girls night out activities, talking about childcare, etc. would all really help me. I'm a single mom but I think even in two-atheist-parent homes, if the children can't come, that either means a sitter or one parent staying home. At least, that's why *I* am not more involved IRL w/atheist activism or socialization.
"L" I think that it is a good idea esp. if TA is debunking or widening the sexist definition of what sexy is. If the photo's somehow show confidence, happiness and intelligence then I might buy one myself.

I have a feeling this is more of an American issue.


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