I dare you to get through this entire video without feeling gross ... 



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Owkeeee....well... i have no words to decribe this really, just a question...

These people are not the same species as us right ?  right ?

Must be a different branch in our evolutionary past i'm sure.


Here's a nasty image, what if heaven was real and these guys went there to perform for god and all the believers hehe, then hell does'nt sounds like a bad place at all :)


"Incurably religious, that is the best way to describe the mental condition of so many people."

These people are not the same species as us right ?  right ?

Must be a different branch in our evolutionary past i'm sure.


Laughing (snort).

I can't get that f**king tune out of my head. Thanks man!!!  HaHa. Hell is on this Earth. It's my fault - I looked a second time to make such I had actually seen it. Time for some Motorhead.
Yeah, I need to listen to some metal or something just to get that shit outta my head..
bahahahah!  I know I was singing it all day yesterday :)
I can imagine a world with no religion and it can only be a better one. Men would still commit atrocities as they always have, it's their nature to be cruel, however, they won't be able to do readily do it in the name of religion of a made-up god. And, IMHO, the world will never be free from religion, there are entirely too many gullible people who need it and many more intelligent and conning ones who depend on it to control and prosper

I don't know anyone else looked but there's another link to "Christian Side Hug (Part 2)" in the description, and, I have to say, they really one-upped themselves with that one. It's actually offensive. But I still can't help but laugh at how ridiculous it all is. My favorite quote from part two would have to be, "any kind of hug is a gateway hug." Please enjoy if you haven't already.


Christian Side Hug (Part 2)


I thought the mock driveby at the end sounded like a sweet release after hearing this.

Part 2 wasnt real, and therefore no where near as painful LOL

damn, they were pretty convincing! but that actually makes me feel A LOT better! haha
hahaha happy to help

Holy Crap!!!


Come on, that was utterly ridiculous.  Damn, im at a loss for words.


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