We have all seen those ghost hunting shows. They go around searching for something that isn't their and when they hear something and/or see something they claim it to be a ghost. But the shows just might be faked. Now that isn't much of a surprise considering it is meant for entertainment and not for educational purposes (although some people might watch them to learn how to catch a ghost). They can fake the EVPs, ghost sightings caught on camera, and my favorite the orbs. Most (but not all) religious people believe orbs to be little balls of light indicating a spirit but of course that's not what it is at all but rather it is just balls of dust that light can reflect off of or a bug flying through the air. They might see some mist swift by there camera and claim that to be a spirit when really its just dust.

Most haunting shows are obviously over exaggerated (like for example: A haunting) they use their spooky Halloween voice to explain what might be happening and describe it as being the most horrifying thing on this planet when in reality their isn't anything that scary going on. They have people being choked, thrown by an invisible being, scratched, etc. The show is mostly (if not all) scripted.

Now some Ghost hunting shows might look to debunk something they have heard or have seen (for example: Ghost hunters- TAPS) and some automatically assume it to be a ghost (for example: Ghost adventures).

People are so quick to believe everything these shows say is true others might question everything about these sort of shows. I want to get your opinions about this sort of thing. Why are these shows believed to have real accounts of some ghostly sighting when most of them can easily be debunked? Are the ghost hunting shows sincere? Why do most haunting shows have to tell people that "These are real people with real accounts" instead of letting the audience decide for themselves on whether its true or not.

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I met a sound engineer that works for one of those shows. He adds the sound effects in during post production. The actors just have to act as if they heard something and he does the rest.

People like being frightened by things that can not actually harm them or pose no real threat.

It is why most of us like watching horror movies. Just some fun and a break from the ghostless and monsterless real world.

I have no doubt there are disturbed people who believe they have had encounters.

So long as they do not hurt anyone or themselves who cares.

Yes, all faked, be it intentionally or not. No such thing as ghosts. Though I do enjoy driving around in the van solving mysteries.

My talking dog and I share your interests. We should hang out. I warn you though we are always hungry. A side effect of our medicinal marijuana use.

No problem M.M, I got the sounds, the snacks and a full tank.....though I ain't got a script for mine.....

I used to work at a mostly-defunct/allegedly haunted multi-acre former-insane asylum (wow...that was one long word, basically).  And y'know, the only thing you really had to worry about was the packs of wild dogs that roamed the grounds.

There are a lot of neat old legends about that place like underground army experiments and former nazi scientists and brain transplants and all sorts of stuff.  Not once in the 2.5 years I worked there did I see anything preternatural.  Although I did get a great snapshot of the old crematorium on a foggy morning.

I guess this is my way of saying that those ghost shows are faked...and faked poorly at that.

Good ol' Pilgrim State back home on Long Island.

It even has it's own wiki page (although I don't think it covers the legends and ghost stories).



Why the question mark?

ill direct everyone to the southpark ghost hunters episode.. Awesomeness

Start a show called "Ghost Fakers" and use it to unmask those monsters a la Scooby Doo.


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