I wanted an atheism tattoo for at least 3 years now. I will get coloured sleeve tats so my first tattoo is a small one and is going to my neck. 

I like this (with a different caption, like "believe in yourself" or somethink that describes to be open minded), but my tat should show what i stand for, not what I don´t stand for. Besides that, it is commonly known as a satanic symbol.

I also thought about the scarlet A, because i don´t like the fsm or ipu.

My tat is meant to describe my point of view, to show that you should think and not just believe.

Any suggestions?

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if you're in your 50's or beyond, go for it!  If you're under thirty, reconsider.

Agreed.  A controversial neck tat is going to limit your life-time earning potential, unless you're working in a really relaxed profession.  Also, you're going to catch shit in your daily life from any believer who sees it.  People have a lot of stereotypes and assumptions about us... 


Get it elsewhere on your body and pick your times to be 'out.'

Glad to hear that about your country and work environment!  Truly wonderful! 

I enjoy the imagery of birds flying free from a deposed symbol of religious tyranny.  I have to ask, why do you choose to express atheism with satanist/christian symbolism?  Is it because of your religious/cultural heritage?   


There are tons of ideas here, you might like to check them out

Robert, I'm not the stickler on the board for spelling, grammar and punctuation - I think we ALL know who THAT is - as long as I can understand what you're saying, however you say it's fine with me. But tats - unlike these comments - are permanent, and if you plan to get an "athist neck tattoo," maybe you should run the words by the dictionary before the dude loads up with ink. Athist is forever - I'm just sayin' --


Why would I want to deface a perfectly good piece of hardware?

I don't think the words "neck" and "tattoo" should ever be combined.

That wine was like nectar, too

Just sayin'


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