I seriously was like, "CRAPPP ALT+TAB, ALT+TAB!" and I tabbed right back into Think Atheist lol!


My boss just walked by and saw me with Think Atheist up!!! LOL! She says, "Atheist huh?"


I said, "Being atheist is pure beauty."


She said, "You might be right about that." and walked away.


I was like, "WOW better than expected!"


Have any of you guys ran into a situation like this at your work?


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Although if any have bothered to look me up on Facebook my religious status isn't private.

Yeah, I have had a few people compliment me on my Think Atheist t-shirt.  Most people don't even notice what it says though, since the letters are so small.  A friend of mine I also got a few smiles back when the "there is probably no god..." campaign was running and she wore the button.  Actually, she went to a talk by Peter Singer, and after the talk she asked him to sign a book and he said "interesting button, I like it".

Yup i work at a college and a coworker said "Think atheist? So do i.". the number of atheists compared to Christians in my school is about even one class i was in was made up entirely of atheists except for maybe 2 students. We do have a crazy ass faith healer who goes here but he's since vanished.

just imagine what would happen to you if you did this in pakistan!  you'd be on trial facing death.

Which is why Islam is a cult. Nothing more.


Yes i said it but only because it's true.

Minus the trial

It hasn't happened yet, but you've reminded me to clear the browser history more often than I do!

I have, but I never bothered to Alt + Tab. Usually they say, "Atheist? Why?"


My response will depend on who it is. If it is a nice person, I will say, "Yes, I am an atheist." As for "why", I would just say "It is the only logical choice", and they will walk away.


If they are not nice people and seem to have attitude, I will say "please don't peek into my computer screen. It's not a public bulletin board". Some shameless people still push the matter and insist on talking about why I'm atheist or start mocking, and I have to respond something like "because I'm not a moron". Too often it becomes necessary.


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