I seriously was like, "CRAPPP ALT+TAB, ALT+TAB!" and I tabbed right back into Think Atheist lol!


My boss just walked by and saw me with Think Atheist up!!! LOL! She says, "Atheist huh?"


I said, "Being atheist is pure beauty."


She said, "You might be right about that." and walked away.


I was like, "WOW better than expected!"


Have any of you guys ran into a situation like this at your work?


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Well, not at work, but at school. It's no secret the music building at my university is full of fairly religious people/students. And we have giant-@$$ macs in the listening lab, so whatever you're doing, other people can easily see.


I figure I'm already an odd-ball (I am the only violinist in the entire department), so what does it matter? It's not like I really get along with my peers. I mean, we're pleasant to one another, but that's about it. Sometimes I leave it up just to see other people's reactions. I'll bring it up on the screen, and then move over to the next computer so it doesn't look like it's my doing. I've seen some really funny reactions!!

Yeah at school I would put TA as the default home page on all the lab computers. :]

wow.  Total win.  Great idea ..

Four stars, lad.  You're giving me ideas...

My IT department generates reports on internet usage.  I have seen these reports (though, I wasn't supposed to see them) and they are quite detailed.  On my report, thinkatheist.com showed up many times.  The IT department at headquarters certainly know I am a heathen and how often I visit this site.  They could even view the pages and read my posts if they wanted to, I imagine.  I try to limit my visits to lunch hour (like now).


But, my boss in the office already knows I'm an atheist, as do a few of my coworkers.  I don't hide it, but I don't flaunt it.

I wish T|A functioned better on my iPhone.  I can't even manage a reply on it, but if I could, it would be a great workaround the company firewall.

www.ThinkAtheist.com/m is the best we can do for now.  I am waiting till next month to potentially have a iphone/android app for TA.

Thanks Morgan.  A T|A app would be a Godsend! :p

As it runs now it's frustrating on Android. Just when you think it's loaded, it shifts as you touch the screen and you are off to another page. 

Android app PLEASE! I mostly post/respond from my phone (like right now) and sometimes I get a call or someting and lose what I've typed =[

I work for state government so I don't visit TA from work computers. I have special facebook access so I can post job leads, etc so my access is scrutinized more than other people's. I'm not a merit employee and I live in an "employment at will" state so I have to watch myself. There aren't any other Atheists (that I know of) but I have one grest Wiccan lady and a few theists who aren't very religious so I read them stuff from TA a few times a week. =]

At my last job, I had things set up so that MIS couldn't tell what I was doing, even if they wanted to. Having permission to set up an encrypted connection to the outside for testing our site from the outside was handy. :)


Not sure what the setup will be at the new job, save that it'll be much more secure. I may be doing all my T|A surfing from home after work in the future.

I never had a situation like that, but the two guys I work with know of my atheism and never miss a chance to harass me about it or make fun of atheism. It can get rather frustrating at times, but I learn to deal with it. It helps me to know that some other people in the building are atheists too. In fact, one guy who used to work upstairs with me before they moved him to a room downstairs, is partially responsible for my atheism. He encouraged me to read Dawkins and Harris, which inevitably led me to finally dropping what little belief I had been desperately clinging onto and accepting what I had suspected for some time; that I was an atheist.


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