I seriously was like, "CRAPPP ALT+TAB, ALT+TAB!" and I tabbed right back into Think Atheist lol!


My boss just walked by and saw me with Think Atheist up!!! LOL! She says, "Atheist huh?"


I said, "Being atheist is pure beauty."


She said, "You might be right about that." and walked away.


I was like, "WOW better than expected!"


Have any of you guys ran into a situation like this at your work?


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I never had a situation like that, but the two guys I work with know of my atheism and never miss a chance to harass me about it or make fun of atheism. It can get rather frustrating at times, but I learn to deal with it. It helps me to know that some other people in the building are atheists too. In fact, one guy who used to work upstairs with me before they moved him to a room downstairs, is partially responsible for my atheism. He encouraged me to read Dawkins and Harris, which inevitably led me to finally dropping what little belief I had been desperately clinging onto and accepting what I had suspected for some time; that I was an atheist.

At an old job, there was a guy reading The God Delusion.  Because of him, I bought the book and realized I was an atheist.  However, to the point, he was often ridiculed for his atheism which people only knew about because he had that book with him at work for a short time while he was reading it.  Towards the end of my employment there, I began to taunt his detractors with disparaging remarks about religion within their earshot.  I guess no one wanted to pick on me directly, though.  I only managed to get some angry looks in response to my bait.


I don't think my atheist coworker cared what anyone had to say and that is probably the best attitude.  He ignored him.  However, I loathe bullies.

I have been caught at school and as well as work! The good news is that everyone is asking questions about what they really believe in at work.

Not at work, but at my moms. My sister walked by and in a few short sentences we were verbal boxing in my mothers living room for an hour.


In the end I became the family heretic or "the fire breathing atheist", according to her.  She just could not comprehend how I couldn't find truths in the Bible nor the very word of GOD.


Now I get random phone calls that go like this.


Sister "So you still don't believe in GOD, do you?"


Me "Let's see, HEY GOD YOU THERE? ......Nope still not there?! No sorry still don't believe."


She just gets pissed and tries again another day.

It sounds like the conversation I would have with my sister if it ever happened. :) She is religious and I don't know why because she's very smart and modern in her thinking. I guess that's what indoctrination does to people. I'm just grateful I 'recovered' from it. :)

I'm the same way in that I don't flaunt my atheism because some people are soooo sensitive about it. But sometimes it's annoying because I think they should be worried about my feelings too.

Btw Sophie, if your work computer is a PC, do windows key/M rather than alt/tab. It'll minimize everything =]

Can't say I've ever been caught on TA at work before. I was sort of off to the side and only browsed from time to time on my lunch break.  However, at my old job I did use some of the TA wallpapers as my desktop background, which did raise one on two questioners. Actually, a great friend of mine I worked with and I would have semi-regular discussions on theology and I think she's a 'heathen' now because of it.


I have had my mom and dad catch me on TA when I lived at hope. My dad didn't really care. But my mom would make a little face and refer to me being on some 'evil' or 'bad' site. She's fun to have a theological boxing match with though, because I know so much more about her Catholicism than she does. :) My dad's cool though. He's a deist... but just doesn't realize it.

I left an Atheist book on my desk to read a lunch time once. It started a debate. We are a small company and it turns out we are all Atheists!!


Whenever I am in a book shop I ask “Where is the Atheist section please?” I enjoy the responses and then they point me to the Science section. I then collect as many books by Harris, Dawkins et al and randomly restock the Religion section. If my partner is still clothes shopping (what are the odds) I wait around to see what happens.

If an Atheist is with me one of us will go in and complain about the “heathens who are letting Satan run this shop” It’s so silly for grown men to do but we can't help ourselves and it beats shopping. Some of the reactions are priceless. Try it out. We could start something huge :)

...when im at work, i dont have the time to be browsing the internet. lol



When I am not with customers I work from home only occasionally going into the office. But it wouldn't really matter because most of the people I work with are either atheist or completely non-reigious. I am very happy to work in a very liberal environment. 

LOL awesome!


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