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So I'm just looking to brush up on my knowledge regarding Christian beliefs so that I'm better prepared to explain my position of disbelief when the discussion arises (it has been a much more common topic around the house than I'd like, especially being the sole atheist of the family). I have some general questions mainly concerning timelines, tailored beliefs and context of things relating to the Bible. Any insight or helpful links would be greatly appreciated. Alright, so here's what I'd like more info on:

1) Does the Bible condone slavery? Every Christian that's confronted with this seems to flat out deny that it does, stating that those "slaves" were people who volunteered themselves to serve.

2) Over what period of time was the Bible written?

3) What's the story of Abraham killing his son?

4) Who are Cain and Abel?

5) What misogynist things does the Bible say about women?

6) Why don't Christians like to follow the Old Testament?

7) What has the Bible "predicted"?

8) Does the Bible have any racist implications?

9) Who was Mary Magdalene and what was so special about her?

10) What other religions does the Bible "borrow" from?

Thanks in advance! <3

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Well, it is hypothesized that... 

Let's not get too carried away by declaratives when we're talking about establishing patterns of authorship from relatively scant evidence like the use of Elohim.

Just keeping you humble. ;-)

Did I mention that I get a lot of such information from your people, the Catholics?

I've long since given up ever seeing any likelihood of you ever being humble, and I certainly wouldn't waste any personal effort on such a futile project.

He went from "Professor Robert" to "Dr. Bob" because some thought the original title to be a bit pretentious, neglecting to realize that pretentious is, as pretentious does.

"What's in a name?"

Yes.  Why don't you change your name to "squashed hedgehog"?  "Archaeopteryx" sounds a little ... childish and resentful. 

I don't really see that your condition is improving, Paynton, have you considered changing your meds, or at least increasing your dosage? Do you often think of squashing hedgehogs? About how often, on average, would you say? Does anything in particular provoke these fantasies? Does god tell you to do it?

Oh, I found your song --

@Simon Payton;

"Why don't you change your name to "squashed hedgehog"?  "Archaeopteryx" sounds a little ... childish and resentful. "

Simon...Simon...Simon...it isn't the name that matters in the case of Professor/Dr Robert/Bob, it's the fact that the guy behind the name keeps changing it.

Ask yourself Simon 'why did he change it?', give it some thought.

Since I ran across Paynton's poster, I understand him a lot better --


"because some thought the original title to be a bit pretentious"

Speaking for myself only, I didn't think the name was pretentious, I did however think the poster was indeed pretentious.

Somewww.some.com.ico" class="smarterwiki-zc-image-img" alt="" />Some Records, a United States record label

Many of us here, Greg, possibly yourself as well, are professional people, some with laurels they could certainly flaunt, but instead, they choose an anonymous name and let what they have to say rest on its own merit.

If, for example, Neil Degrasse Tyson, an admitted atheist, were to come on the board, I might expect him to use a name like, "Starman," or likely something even more imaginative, but I would not expect him to be so immodest as to call himself, "Astrophysicist Neil," which just screams, "I am an authority, you should consider that when I speak!"


I feel no angst when a person uses a title they have earned (my own daughter has a PhD), I'm sure there are Professors that visit this site, I'm sure as well that there are many people named Robert (it is after all a common name) that visit here too.

So I have no problem with people displaying their titles and given names, I do have a problem with sanctimonious, self-righteous, condescending attitudes however (excluding my own, a genetic malady I'm sure :D).

I disregarded the Bible as evidence of the claim that God exists

Good for you.  So do I.  That is not the purpose of the Bible.

The challenge that you face is that you are arguing from a position of ignorance about religion, just like your ignorance here about the purpose of the Bible.   It's hard to take that seriously, let alone be "humble." Especially when we add in the somewhat pathetic bullying nonsense about camp songs and people being on medications that @archy just posted. :-(

To create a lame analogy, an equivalent in the scientific realm would be to say "I reject the claim that quarks exist because I don't believe in invisible strange things or in charms".  Well, I'm glad you don't believe in magical charms or invisible strange things.  Neither do I.   That just has nothing to do with particle theory, other than being whimsically poetic names for two particles.  It's hard to competently refute particle theory if you are completely ignorant of it.

Now it is true that when confronted with that sort of ignorance the scientific community did roll its eyes and change the names of the t and b quarks.  Actually, we reflected and found them too whimsical and a bit out of character.  So you can consider my change of appellation in the same light.  Or, alternately, you can attempt to find deep meaning and significance in a trivial thing if you like, or even suggest I went off my medications.  I don't mind, it only speaks to how willing you are to create mythologies to support your own views.


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