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So I'm just looking to brush up on my knowledge regarding Christian beliefs so that I'm better prepared to explain my position of disbelief when the discussion arises (it has been a much more common topic around the house than I'd like, especially being the sole atheist of the family). I have some general questions mainly concerning timelines, tailored beliefs and context of things relating to the Bible. Any insight or helpful links would be greatly appreciated. Alright, so here's what I'd like more info on:

1) Does the Bible condone slavery? Every Christian that's confronted with this seems to flat out deny that it does, stating that those "slaves" were people who volunteered themselves to serve.

2) Over what period of time was the Bible written?

3) What's the story of Abraham killing his son?

4) Who are Cain and Abel?

5) What misogynist things does the Bible say about women?

6) Why don't Christians like to follow the Old Testament?

7) What has the Bible "predicted"?

8) Does the Bible have any racist implications?

9) Who was Mary Magdalene and what was so special about her?

10) What other religions does the Bible "borrow" from?

Thanks in advance! <3

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"Science adjusts its views based on what's observed, faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved." - words to live by.

That would be atheist fallacy #1.  Substitute a straw man for religion/faith, and then attack the straw man.

My faith does not deny observation.

Now here's the interesting question:  confronted with that additional datum, will the atheist continue to assert it that his belief about religion can be preserved, or is he able to adjust his views based on the new information?

Nice image, Nate, but I like the one from my website better:

You have to wonder, re this picture, why, if god was omnipotent, he would choose to look old, and why do you suppose he's the only one wearing clothes?

I should mention, TA member, Marc Poulin, was responsible for the finger.

I love Tim, he's amazing.

He's definitely an acquired taste.

This is dedicated to Dr. Bob from my good friend, Suzanne Olson-Hyde - with much love --

I'm not really sure but I think that guy used the F-Word.

doGdamn I like that guy. :D

Ya think?!

I'm now a Tim Minchin fan!   Thanks Arch and Suzanne - bloody marvelous. And he's right about the papists and he's right about the pope,


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