General Introductions: So, Why Are YOU Single?

Let's get personal...

* Still searching for your soul mate?

* Have you lost in love and still tending your wounds?

* Busy life and career, no time to date?

* Broke and lonely too?

* Afraid to get too close?

* Can't find an atheist mate?

* Too shy and introverted?

* Hate the bar scene, but don't know where to meet up with someone?

* 'Been there, done that',  just what a friend/companion?

* Enjoy 'playing the field' and don't want to settle down?

* I'm too stupid, ugly, and insensitive, so nobody likes me?

* Too picky?

* Don't know why I'm still single, I'm a great catch....

* Other....

It's time to introduce yourself. There is nothing wrong with being single, some of my best friends are, and are happily single at that. Just tell your story, we've all got one... Plus, you never know who you might meet right here on T/A for friendship or more?

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Funny thing that.  I dont "get turned down at the bar" (I dont go to the bar but I get your point). I dont get the look of worry and confusion until I start talking about Physics or some such. On the other hand, I dont want to date a guy that cannot keep up with me anyway, so I suppose it is all for the best.  On another note, there are also men who CANNOT keep up, but will follow me around even though I have quite clearly expressed my distaste for them. Psychology is such an interesting topic.

I notice you didn't number these, but this pretty much says it all --

* I'm too stupid, ugly, and insensitive, so nobody likes me?"

??  uhmm No I am not.  Just feeling angry are you?

Uh, no, but you might be, since i was referring to myself, and your first assumption, was that I was referring to you --

my first assumption was that I had said something to piss you off royally and no idea what it was.

In a year and a half on the board, I've gotten pissed off only once, when a poster was being falsely accused of being a theist - if I can tolerate Unseen for that long without getting really pissed off, I can't imagine anything you could say that would do it --

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Sounds oddly familiar to myself...

I can honestly say I am single because of my own character and background.

I was raised by a single individual who was not a biological parent, and I dont come from a family oriented unit, as a result I developed into a loner. I am not drawn to nor interested in families.

I would have to find someone with a similar history to be compatible with.

That is not easy.

MM, you don't HAVE to follow the pattern you were raised under, you can break out and be whoever or whatever you want.

I feel you. I actually have a similar story. I don't have a great support system. I was a first born. To parents who were both too young, too selfish (both babies of their families) Then they separated and sort of left us to fend for ourselves. Its not easy to form relationships as an adults when you didn't have someone to sort of instill those social qualities in you that everyone else seems to have..

I am short, bald, ugly, smelly, poor, weird, self-centered, very old, and have Crohn's Disease.  I can’t imagine why I am still single. 

Well. You can help the 


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