FUN THREAD! Post what gifts you have received by Theists who know you are Atheist!

Ok , so I finally get to the church this morning that I am the pianist for , and to my surprise a little CD was laying on the piano.  


On the CD was clearly written in black marker ... 





So apparently someone thought it was a good idea to make me a Christian Rock CD.  I hope I don't have to go into a description of how painful it is to listen to that stuff.  Or maybe I was just given a really bad mix.  I don't even get to see who the 'artists' are ... but yeah.  It's .. so .. bad .. my .. ears .. my poor ears .. !!


I have also received a few 'Jesus is thinking of' type of cards during X mas time and such.  


So is it just me or is giving a Religious oriented gift to an Atheist like giving a cat a shower curtain?  


Post your best gifts you have received and how you liked them or reacted to it :)  

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A friend who I had known for 20 years got saved. She called me to inform me of this and then told me that my dabbling in new age (at the time) was "of the devil".


We never spoke again and that was 15 years ago but after our last words, I did receive a Christmas card from her the following Christmas in which she wrote "Jesus Loves You".


I ripped it up and threw it in the garbage.



I would do the same, and can't fault your actions one bit. The card my parents (well, my mom really) went out in the recycling with all the rest.
A plastic foot and a half by six inch plastic manger scene that lit up and 'sang'.  I had not really declared my (at the time) agnosticism so maybe I can't blame her for the sentiment except it was hideously tacky and horrible.   I wasn't that it was Christian so much as it was extremely tasteless.
This guy in my class, everyday he would talk to me about God (I think he was Mormon) One day de gave me a bible, I never read it but he would ask me what I think of it every time I saw him.

there has never been such a redundancy as the phrase "christian rock".


I got a bible for christmas 2003.

hm..i wouldn't really count them, but i get cards from members of my parent's church very often.

oh, here's a funny one. my girlfriend of the time, after learning that I was not only an atheist but *gasp* not a virgin...decided to take it upon her self to talk to her pastor about my um...uncleanliness.. and brought back a neat little pamphlet for me on how to get my virginity back through the lord.
There's actually a pamphlet for that?!  Did you read it just for fun?  I am dying to know what it suggests lol
@ Jon I would love to know what that said too. Could you post that on here and let us read, I am sure it would be worth the laughs:)
i think i ripped it up and threw it out..but if by chance I kept it, ill try to find it and post it for you.
I've been given the gift of space.

I can think of 2 things. My ex room mate who was very religious (and one of this christian hardcore rocker types. Also must ad she had never read the bible and was reading a specially translated for women version.) She gave me a magnet that read 'Jesus is the reason for the season.' I used it on the fridge as I was in need of magnets, but I put it upside down. Always 'Fixed' it when someone put it 'right side up' too.


The other is I got in a bit of a debate with my mother. She tried telling me how I can still be 'spiritual' and an Atheist. I told her I couldn't really (not her definition of spiritual anyway, but that's a different story.) for Mythmas she gave me a book called 'The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality'. My mom is very silly.

hardcore rock and Christianity SOO dont go together. lol and some atheists can beleive in's just that most of us are smart enough to realize that once there is no god, a spirit isn't necessary.


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