FUN THREAD! Post what gifts you have received by Theists who know you are Atheist!

Ok , so I finally get to the church this morning that I am the pianist for , and to my surprise a little CD was laying on the piano.  


On the CD was clearly written in black marker ... 





So apparently someone thought it was a good idea to make me a Christian Rock CD.  I hope I don't have to go into a description of how painful it is to listen to that stuff.  Or maybe I was just given a really bad mix.  I don't even get to see who the 'artists' are ... but yeah.  It's .. so .. bad .. my .. ears .. my poor ears .. !!


I have also received a few 'Jesus is thinking of' type of cards during X mas time and such.  


So is it just me or is giving a Religious oriented gift to an Atheist like giving a cat a shower curtain?  


Post your best gifts you have received and how you liked them or reacted to it :)  

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I got a book for my birthday last year titled "There IS a God!" by Anthony Flew. The girl who gave it to me I've been friends with since I was 11, and I actually led HER to Christ when I was 12 or 13. Ironic, eh?


Well, I read up on this book and, turns out, Flew (apparently one of the world's most notorious atheist turned Christian) was suffering from dementia the last year or so of his life, and a Christian co-authored the book... actually, he wrote most of it. It's filled the same crap arguments all Creationists make about the "complexity" of life, and how impossible it is to construct DNA sans Yahweh. *rolls eyes*

Thanks for the info Cara. I always wondered about that book. I knew something wasn't right.

Gifts? hmmmmmmm,... i have received a few crucifix pendants. "just a reminder of the 'other' side and his love for me.


Also survival/camping gear. Almost all Christians have given me paper kindling to help get a fire going. My favorite ones are the "Jesus Saves" and "Man from Monkey" pamphlets.


I was once given a small Bible, but I was young and having read Lord of the Rings (which is a far better written and more consistent fantasy, as is the Silmarillian) I figured trade this second rate faerie tale for something good. I got a bag of marbles (ironic in that I knew the kid who traded for the Bible had lost his marbles twice! Once to me, and of course once to church dogma.) and also a Charlie Brown pencil with Snoopy and Woodstock on it. Good trade!


Oh yes, and I was given a few candles and rosary beads. I gave the beads to a Christian who liked making necklaces and beaded jewelry, and the candles to my friend's mother.


Now if we also count patience and the ability to smile and ignore repeated doses of verbal rhetoric, then I have really scored the big jackpot because I can ignore pretty much anything irrational that is thrown at me. I have learned that it is better to not worry about fixing the ignorant, and that some Christians and other converters really do wish you well when they put you through their little diatribe. hearts are in the right place. minds are,... well,... did I mention their hearts being in a good place?





















Two books for christmas..."refuting evolution" and "the greatest hoax on earth?
After the initial shock of it, my family didn't say one word to me or give me anything inappropriate for the holidays. My grandmother even sent me and my husband a "happy holidays" card. Love her. Anyway, my cat would LOVE a shower curtain. As I type, she is rolling around in a bag.



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