FUN THREAD! Post what gifts you have received by Theists who know you are Atheist!

Ok , so I finally get to the church this morning that I am the pianist for , and to my surprise a little CD was laying on the piano.  


On the CD was clearly written in black marker ... 





So apparently someone thought it was a good idea to make me a Christian Rock CD.  I hope I don't have to go into a description of how painful it is to listen to that stuff.  Or maybe I was just given a really bad mix.  I don't even get to see who the 'artists' are ... but yeah.  It's .. so .. bad .. my .. ears .. my poor ears .. !!


I have also received a few 'Jesus is thinking of' type of cards during X mas time and such.  


So is it just me or is giving a Religious oriented gift to an Atheist like giving a cat a shower curtain?  


Post your best gifts you have received and how you liked them or reacted to it :)  

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A book from the Left Behind series :P
When I was recovering from cancer, my mother gave me a "worry stone" shaped like an angel.
nice mix of shamanism with sure it wasn't intentional.

Bibles... Yes That is plural.. I even got one for the computer.. I still have my very first bible I did not need more of them really, I think my total is was up to 30 the last time I threw them out.


Bibles, a decorative tablet with the be-attitudes( I was expexted to hang this one up in my house).

can a theist play ?

when a minister found out what my beliefs were .. he very kindly gave me a CD of a woman telling her story about how she was possesed by demons when she joined Spiritualism and how finding Jesus helped get rid of those demons

I think there was actually an excorcism on it ... I never listened to find out

I had a fight with that same minister when he gave my kids some fun cards to play with ... with warnings of hell on the reverse side

don't think I am allowed back in his cafe now though

Worst I ever got was a quite religious Christmas card once. I voiced my thoughts on it to my dad and he simply said "Yeah... The card was your mothers idea". The next day my mom called me saying that if I get a card from my one Aunt not to say anything, since it featured a picture of the inside of her church. And she mentioned the 'nasty' message I sent my father. The whole while my dad is in the background saying "I told you what he said. It wasn't nasty. he didn't say anything nasty at all". I reiterated that I was not nasty in the slightest and informed her that I had no intentions of saying anything to my aunt if I did get a card. The difference being that my parents know I'm an Atheist and my aunt doesn't. She's not knowingly disrespecting what I believe, thus I won't start a petty argument with her. However, my parents do know. I always respect their beliefs, but as soon as that respect is not mutual I return in kind. Since then... so far so good.


We did get a Bible verse plaque (on love) from an old friend for our wedding. But she didn't know my stance at that time.

I am not just an atheist, but also a minimalist, and so therefore I am philosophically opposed to both the religious context and the consumerism of Christmas.  That being said, I realize everyone has their right to celebrate their little festivals in their own fashion, but I find gifts of any sort rather repugnant.  So this Christmas a good friend sent me a great little gift package - a pack of lucky strikes and some airline sized bottles of booze.  This is easy enough to shrug off, especially when I'm enjoying a nice Lucky Strike and a coffee with Amaretto - but it is always the card that gets to me.  I refuse to collect little sentimental things so I always throw them away.  As I do, I always anticipate yet another lecture from someone when they find out I don't have a little box of Christmas and Birthday cards stashed away - meaning that I also didn't save the last card that they gave to me.  Inevitably this leads to them being hurt and angry because I didn't follow the [repugnant] social protocol of clinging onto the card as a keepsake.  It irritates me because I subjugate my beliefs in the very act of enjoying the part of the gift that I enjoy, which is really more than I should allow myself to do.  In the end, these little consumerist/religious traditions just become a form of social blackmail that makes me despise them even more.  Oh well.
I dont hang on to cards either.  I don't really hang on to too much.  I hate keeping "useless" crap that clutters up my house.  The cards are the worst, I agree.  And my best friends mom sends me one for EVERY holiday, usually including a photo of her ugly little dog dressed up in an uglier outfit!
I got a NIV bible from a Jehovah Witness but I showed him my KJV bible and said I preferred it because there was a lot more to read in it. The look of confusion was priceless.
i should try that. along with my copy of the koran and satanic bible.
@Heather  I actually can't say that I know of anyone who saves every card they get, nor expect anyone to. I do have a few that I saved through the years, but due to the fact that they were freaking hilarious. :)



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