fuck Athiests
you Athiests are just as bad as the retards who believe in god. Why
don't you understand... because you fucktards have your heads so far up
your asses you cant see the light outside the cave or it just hurts
your eyes because you pussies are afraid of the truth because it hurts a

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Either way... Steve is calling himself a retard lol
An AOL user? You don't say...
we don't we understand what exactly? I think all he did there was express his exasperation. it's not really even clear if he's atheist, or theist. tisk tisk.
When I grow up I wanna be a fucktard.
I sometimes eat bananas.
This comment, at least, expresses a clear and concise statement, unlike the gibberish of the hate mail above.
i....am so....confused.
So are we all..
Well did he ever mention what the "truth" might be?
I think that he is a follower of "God's Brother," to use the term put forth by Peter F. Hamilton in his Night Shade series. In essence a Satanist, also known as a really confused Christian. :P
I second that!
Xenu is that you? Clearly dude you are the one who doesn't understand.


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