Hello everyone,

There was a time when I used to pity atheists and non-muslims in general for being so blinded from the truth. I didn't know back then how free they must have been feeling when debating me.

My loss of faith (or rather gain of freedom) started with the rise of the terrorist group "ISIS" which claims to be an Islamic state and a restoration of the noble muslim caliphate that followed the death of Muhammad. I was a strong opposer of their ways and methods and always thought true Islam had nothing to do with killing and enslavement. It amazed me how every beheading and slaughter video was backed up by numerous verses from the Quran and Hadiths by Muhammad. At some point I started researhing those verses and what I was finding in the Quran was really shocking, not God-like and unfair in every way.

I had read Quran tens and tens of times before that; and stood in long Taraweeh prayers (during Ramadan evenings) listening and marvelling at the merciful, all just, but also rightfully proud and punishing Allah, never really analysing it or critiising the content or logic of it. I must note here that when you're debating a muslim, and state fallacies and ill logic in any verse or another, they would never even begin to question that verse, and there is always the "interpretation" escape route where they can take refuge without the shread of doubt that what you're saying is utter lies and ignorant criticism of a divine and perfect book.

During a single one hour read-and-study session, I was hit by no less that ten verses where the acts of killing, besieging, and enslavement were portrayed as noble and heroic deeds for which the reward will be gardens and virgins and even "young boys" in paradise (again, I had read all of that many times before but my mind never analysed any of it) I kept researching and looking for all the possible interpretations of verses but none of them made sense no matter how gentle it was. It was also full of stories already mentioned in the Bilbe with all the violence, incest and other evils of an ancient time. I then realized that Quran was merely a bad upgrade of the Bible with more myths and control mechanisms.

I began gradually to reject islam during Ramadan 2014 (august) I would eat and drink in secret just out of anger and frustration, since then I have made peace with the new reality and fully embraced my new found freedom and came to the new conviction that there is no such thing as God, ten ays ago. My purpose in life which now is to live it the fullest and be the best person I can be, living by my own moral code and human compassion that is way more sincere than a message that bribes you with the promise of great reward if you do good, and threatens you with eternal fire and lashing if you disobey the twisted rules of GOD! Both options being immoral and wrong in my understanding.

If it weren't for all the innocent deaths and horror taking place in Irak and Syria I would have shouted high and loud: Thank God for ISIS!...pardon the expression :p


Glad and honored to be part of you guys, I am now free and truly saved!


All Hail Scientific Method! :D

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Welcome to TA and we are happy for you that you have freed your mind from the chains of blind faith. It is a life changing event. You seem to have journeyed a great distance from the religious way of looking at the world in a short time. I debate with Muslims on occasion and find very little difference between the arguments they use and the arguments the various Christian sects use.

It is not religious belief that is the cause of so much violence but rather “belief in the beliefs” to the point where questioning them is not even giving consideration.

When you look back in a few more months you will hardly recognize your old self. Once you are free to think you broaden your mind so you will never fit back into that box.

Thanks Reg. 

Well by saying rise of ISIS I mean the past year or so, they have been operating on a smaller scale for almost three years now. It took me some 8 months to break out of it.

Welcome. I am heartened by the number of people who, when leaving a religion, use the words freedom and relief. I think a lot of religious people feel scared at the idea of letting religion go, which is understandable. From what I read, though, most people who do choose to leave a religion feel as you do - like shackles have been released. 

Hope you enjoy the discussions.

Thank you Simon.

if only more people knew about the history and origins of religions, they would see it for what it really is - a man-made mental illness.

Muhammad was a land-grabber, a thieving, raping warlord, who apparently heard a voice from the arch-angel Gabriel, thus making him the main man - without the slightest piece of evidence in support of such ridiculous claims. Today, of course, we call this Schizophrenia

His deluded followers conquered the Middle East and North Africa with the sword. Non-Muslims had to pay a fine or convert or die etc. It's all about the religion of peace you know.

On an interesting note, ISIS are the real Muslims, the moderates are not following the Koran properly.

Exactly! ISIS are the ones aplying all the rules of the Quran without any compromise. While doing my research, I found so many cases of immorality and lack of logic. Most of Quran was plagiarised from the Bible with minor differences and some mistakes in names (Abraham's son Ishmael sarificed instead of Isaac in the bible for instance)  Muslims claim that all these are legitimate corrections of man-made falcifications in the bible.

I think Muhammad's main vice was lust, in one story he inferred to his adopted son to divorce his wife, before he (muhammad) married her, and so wrote Quran verses allowing him to do this vile act that was completely unimaginable in the Arab society back then. Adoption has been forbidden in Islam ever since and this story is said to be God's way to show muslims that adoption doesn't work. what a joke! Many of the teachings of Islam are simple cover-ups of Muhammad's lust; rules people have lived by for more than 1400 years. 

Congratulations. Your journay makes me happy and proud. I want to ask, though, What allowed you to cross over to the real world. So many deeply religious people would never allow themselves to surrender to the temptation to even question their faith. How did you manage it? What changed your mind? You present it as sort of a natural, gradual process. If that were so, why does it not occur more widely?

I ask because you may wish to propogate the truth. What allowed you to go:

From unshakable faith in Islam 

to rational thought. I'd love to see you become capable of guiding others out of their "unshakeable" faith into the light. Can you identify any triggers?

I'm not deeply religious, but I mean most muslims have unquestionable faith and are brought up knowing this is the right religion. It is extremely difficult to cross over to the real world. I have always had mild, passive doubt and used to raise an eyebrow at some passages in Quran or teachings of Muhammad, but the general argument is that religious knowledge is difficult and reserved to those who devote their lives to it; ordinary muslims believe that you can't question Quran since we're 100% positive it is the word of God. It took some pretty strong events such as ISIS to trigger my decision to get to the end of it. How you can replicte this is really hard to say.


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