Hi .. my name is Omar and I am new to the community ..

I live in Egypt .. a messy place in which you get despised for being an atheist as if every one thinks an atheist is an immoral person ..

I was introduced to science in a religious school .. the kind of schools that teaches you the theory of evolution .. and then tells you it is forbidden to believe it ..

It took me long to realize the difference between religion an science .. but no regrets .. now I feel confident about my life decisions knowing they are built on solid ground not faith ..  

 I am 23 and I study Architectural design ... and I hope I would move and start a new life in Canada where I was born ..

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I met religious people who believe - or can't deny - evolution , they even get their own versions of religious nonsense about it .

at one point one of them tried to convince me that Adam and Eve were Homo sapiens ancestors and he said that it is mentioned in the Quran 

I just think they are afraid to doubt their inherited belief , I've been there 

Hi there Omar it is unusual that some one from that area can survive the severe brain conditioning of that religion which also makes use of the modern version of the 'Witches Ghost trick' to stupify the followers into killing machines to go to heaven & keeps the people under control of the leaders. The West, with it's various religions can't match the propaganda machine.

If you don't mind me asking, how and when did you come to realize you had no use for your parents faith? What do you think caused that break for you?

I had my doubts for a long time , the break came with the 2013 events in Egypt , civil riot and bloodshed

that triggered the question about religion and how serious it is , more important questions were triggered afterwards   

Hi Omar, I think I understand the  situation you were in with all the conflict in the country. The so called religious gods if it was true that they exist, could have stepped in & altered the events somehow or other. So we are all left with the usual lies & the basic power structure stays the same in a different form so all is back to normal.


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