Hi .. my name is Omar and I am new to the community ..

I live in Egypt .. a messy place in which you get despised for being an atheist as if every one thinks an atheist is an immoral person ..

I was introduced to science in a religious school .. the kind of schools that teaches you the theory of evolution .. and then tells you it is forbidden to believe it ..

It took me long to realize the difference between religion an science .. but no regrets .. now I feel confident about my life decisions knowing they are built on solid ground not faith ..  

 I am 23 and I study Architectural design ... and I hope I would move and start a new life in Canada where I was born ..

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Hi there, welcome to the atheist website, it is a surprise that there is any atheists exist in the middle east. The religious teachings from birth to death would leave no chance of a person changing to anything else.The never ending wars that is going on at the present,has much of the middle east in conflict.

you would be more surprised then if you knew how big is the atheist community here in Egypt . not as they have anything like influence to hold their rights against the religious majority. but they can survive .

Hi Omar and welcome! It is wonderful to see the advance of atheism in countries like yours where there is so much religious oppression :). Respect to you, friend.

Thanks Strega ..

I was born in Canada and then my family moved to Egypt months after , did you know that in Egypt you can be trialled for " despising religions " ?? ... yes they can put you in jail for thinking low or unimportant of something . Secular society is an infidel idea around here

Welcome Omar .. How r u surviving in Ramadan? :D:D

I live alone so it is easier ...

As if there wasn't enough evidence elsewhere, all these laws about killing apostates, both in Islam and historically in Christianity, should clearly show that none of them are real. People don't need to defend reality with violence. It just is. And no real god would need people to kill to defend him; he could just make his own devine presence known.

Welcome, Omar, we are glad you found us here! I hope your visits will be plesant and you find a lot of the support you need. As a U.S.American and an ex-Christian, I love hearing about how free thought is making inroads in places like the Middle East. I was always taught that "only Jesus" could save you from Islam.

well my jesus was that African American guy on Cosmos show ... Neil Tyson is his name I think .. :D


Is the Egyptian government currently monitoring or controlling internet access by it's citizens? Do you think the new president, former chief military commander el-Sisi, will extend freedoms of information access during his term? What is the atheist impression of el-Sisi? Another dictator in the making?

yes they do monitor internet access.

, I really think he doesn't even understands  concepts such as freedom of speech and freedom of information access , imagine Saddam Hussain trying to look sophisticated to get what I mean .

they try to learn big word like democracy and so , however some fundamentals about military role in a democratic state seems to bother them .

Hi omar

I studied evolution in college and there were many complains among freinds about it and they studied it only to pass the exam and still not belief it. I think that teaching evolution wont change you unless you think critical of your religion.


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