I'm from Washington. As you know 4 police officers were executed yesterday. So I post an update on FB saying I'm thinking of them and note that he was previously given 108 years but served 11. An old Childhood friend from five years old, grew up wrestling with him spending 15 weekends a year at tournaments, posts this on my page.

"So tell us Gaytor, what exactly are you thinking about? Are you thinking about the liberal judges that let thesw killers continue to kill innocent people instead of putting them away for such a long time that they can't kill? Or would that violate your view of "their rights?" -Scott"

Scott is becoming a fundie, through and through. I don't care about his religion, he's my old friend and when I'm with him, I just think of so many great stories of our childhood. His projection of me is pretty nasty here. Do others of you get this on FB or in personal life? What are some examples you can share?

Scott got handled.
My response:
The judge sentenced him to 108. Mike Huckabee commuted his sentence. He's ever so slightly to the right. There was another case where he granted clemency to a rapist who killed a woman. I'm thinking judges should be allowed to sentence for crimes and let's let go of wasting jail space on pot smokers. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,316312,00.html

I'm thinking about posting a note suggesting that if my opinions are damaging our friendships, it would be best for both of us if you removed me, and I won't think anything of it. Anyone tried that?

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I've had a few digs at my "liberal" or "non-religious" views; and always counter with facts, reason, and usually a link (like you did). Several of those people unfriended my shortly after; and I have on good authority several others have just hidden me on their feeds.

I try to stay moderate with family members, just to keep relations good; but won't take any crap. Those old friends though, if their views and faith can't take a little criticism and they unfriend me; that's their loss, and proof they aren't willing or capable of just being old friends.
Oh yes. I have had a few people say things, but nothing nasty like that on FB. I recently had an email exchange with a friend that I detailed here. The nasty email is in the comments.

But I do notice that conservatives, right wingers, and Republicans are not shy about espousing their views. They also seem to be the quickest to attack opposing viewpoints.

There is something wrong with them, the way they think, their obedience to their emotions, that I would not miss if an old friendship withered because of my defense of reason.
I would not miss if an old friendship withered because of my defense of reason.

I like that statement. I seem to use snopes every few weeks to refute emails from the older generations of my family. You'd think they'd just remove me from their chains because I reply to everyone and their friends are seeing that it's bogus as well. I'd find that embarrassing.

I wrote a note on FB suggesting that you unfriend me if FB will prevent us from sharing a laugh and drink at any other time. I have 294 friends now. I can only hope I only have 100 by sundown! Then I'll know who my friends are.
I seem to use snopes every few weeks to refute emails from the older generations of my family. You'd think they'd just remove me from their chains
I've got a few who email me first now: "Can you check to see if this is real before I forward it?" And I've got a few more trained enough to go to Snopes on their own.
My boss and I would argue over chain email claims during the Presidential election season. Now he sends stuff to me and asks me to"snopes" it.
I wish I could train some of my relatives to do that. Instead, they've just stopped including me on the more irrational forwards.
I read a study that showed a high emotional response to Facebook "de-friending". I'll have to look it up when I have more time. The jist, assuming it was a reputable study, was that Facebook de-friending hurt as much as real life fall outs.
So far all of my defriendings have made me laugh. Pretty much all of them were people I haven't seen face-to-face in 10 years. Some are extra funny because I remember them when they weren't Christians; and now they are apparently so fundie they can't take my irreligious comments. Several though I kinda expected it when I started getting a little more outspoken on FB; those types that relate everything to their faith somehow.
I've had 2 friends pack their bags and run in one incident. A old girlfriend even, posts, I want to find a great guy. I posted "try J-Date. Those guy have money! Apparently it was inconsiderate and not worth commenting on, just removing me. The best was the second friend who commented. "I have to unfriend you now. That was really insensitive."She was following her leader at 35. We had just reestablished a relationship and she was gone like a fart in the wind. Facebook clicks.
Well, I don't think the "hurt" was always mutual.
LOL! Didn't think of that. But if they can't take the (indirect) heat...

I have also posted 'disclaimer' type comments a few times; to the effect of "if you want to talk religion at me, you better realized I've probably already heard it" and "if you can't handle your faith being question, we probably can't have this conversation, because I will question your faith."
FaceBook makes odd bed fellows
Because of it, I'm in social grouping now with people I wouldn't "in real life" ..I was in high school 30 yrs ago!!
I'm still laughing at a FaceBook back and forth I had with a guy from high school (who I didnt really know then) who DE-friended me. The argument all started over my pending trip to Paris and the health care debate.
He said I would die an early death if I moved there.. that their commie health care system sucked.. well.. he got angrier and angrier every time I backed up my side with facts.. like the US life expectancy rating vs France's.. CIA world fact book etc etc... as it got more heated he got more childish. I was completely amazed I was arguing with a lawyer. A Lawyer!!
And a coworker from long ago uses nothing but caps when she responds to some of my posts. What she wrote in comment to that popular (to people like us I guess) pic of the bible with the warning label was total incoherent rant. But she hasnt DE-friended me ..yet. Odd.
Im more than happy to piss some people off. Come and get it.


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