I'm from Washington. As you know 4 police officers were executed yesterday. So I post an update on FB saying I'm thinking of them and note that he was previously given 108 years but served 11. An old Childhood friend from five years old, grew up wrestling with him spending 15 weekends a year at tournaments, posts this on my page.

"So tell us Gaytor, what exactly are you thinking about? Are you thinking about the liberal judges that let thesw killers continue to kill innocent people instead of putting them away for such a long time that they can't kill? Or would that violate your view of "their rights?" -Scott"

Scott is becoming a fundie, through and through. I don't care about his religion, he's my old friend and when I'm with him, I just think of so many great stories of our childhood. His projection of me is pretty nasty here. Do others of you get this on FB or in personal life? What are some examples you can share?

Scott got handled.
My response:
The judge sentenced him to 108. Mike Huckabee commuted his sentence. He's ever so slightly to the right. There was another case where he granted clemency to a rapist who killed a woman. I'm thinking judges should be allowed to sentence for crimes and let's let go of wasting jail space on pot smokers. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,316312,00.html

I'm thinking about posting a note suggesting that if my opinions are damaging our friendships, it would be best for both of us if you removed me, and I won't think anything of it. Anyone tried that?

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That's a helluva first comment! Nice!
you shot Old Yeller?
Reddit? Is it you?
I think that all judges should have to sit examinations every few years to find out their views. If they are against any one gay, if they do not think rape is as bad as it is said to be etc., then how can they be fit to judge if they are found to have these barbaric views.
The only problem with that is that then the judges are subject to appease the majority rather than rule based on law, free from fear that their job is in danger or they will be voted out. That may seem fine for something noble, like child labor. But it would prove dreadful for something like separation of church and state or school segregation.


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