So my christian friend just told me out of the blue that he doesnt believe in dinosaurs and thinks the bones were made with plaster and are faked. Then he asks me "Have I shocked you?" Something is telling me that he just said that to get a reaction out of me as if he were trying to get me angry or something. But I'm not sure. What do you think I should write back to him?

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Probably just trying to yank your chain a little

tell him that we can prove to him that his belief is wrong, that we can prove they were once living matter, part of a living creature from millions of years ago. he is free to believe that is not true, same as he is free to believe that 2 + 2 does not equal 4, but just because its his belief doesn't change the fact that he is wrong.

having an opinion or a belief that a proven fact is untrue just makes you an idiot

Redlilly, decades after graduating high school, a chum from those times found me and we started exchanging emails. He soon made clear that he had become a biblical literalist. I told him I'd long been an atheist and didn't want to continue the relationship. He agreed.

I was walking through the museum of natural history with a friend of mine and of course I wanted to go see the dinosaurs. We walk right into the room and there's a tyrannosaurus standing over us and the skeleton of a stegosaurus just beside it and she looks up and says, I shit you not, "It's almost like they were real."

It was so hard to keep my tongue in check at that moment. Unfortunately, I don't remember at all what I said or did after she said that.

I still remember overhearing people marvel at the amount of time it must have taken to carve a gigantic cluster of (entirely natural of course) quartz crystals.


Although, I do understand how someone would assume that crystals were shaped rather than take their own shape. That's far more reasonable than refusing to believe that the giant skeleton towering over you is for all intents and purposes the skeleton of a fire-breathing dragon.

I love the great Tommy Lee Jones.

That's far more reasonable than refusing to believe that the giant skeleton towering over you is for all intents and purposes the skeleton of a fire-breathing dragon.

Fire breathing?  I think you overstate things here.

In point of fact what the museum displays is often a cast of the original fossil (can you blame them?), though they generally will label it as such.

I wonder when creationists will start vandalizing museums.

though they generally will label it as such

Reading this I realized it was unclear.  I meant to say that the museum will actually say somewhere in the presentation that what you are looking at is a copy, not that they will dishonestly label it as the original.

A long time from now they will be digging up petrified Christian crosses and someone will say "I don't believe Christians ever existed".



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