So my christian friend just told me out of the blue that he doesnt believe in dinosaurs and thinks the bones were made with plaster and are faked. Then he asks me "Have I shocked you?" Something is telling me that he just said that to get a reaction out of me as if he were trying to get me angry or something. But I'm not sure. What do you think I should write back to him?

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Truth is shittier than fiction sometimes.

WTF is this guy going to do when this is successfully completed?

Sadly, that reminds me too much of the creature Dr. Frankenstein created, who had to live out his life alone, never having been asked to be created, reminding me of Jeff Goldblum's line from Jurassic Park, "You did it because you could, but you never asked if you should."

Dude.. none of us asked to be created. 

Really, I'm more worried that clones don't have a particularly comforting mortality rate.

The first few attempts are going to result in a creature(s) with serious medical issues. 

Will they get taxpayer-provided health care?

From Russian and Korean taxpayers, I suppose. 

Actually, I'm not sure how/if open source funding is available there. 

Could all be private money involved. 

Tell your friend that just as the Bible is proof of god's existence, so the movie, "Jurassic Park" is proof of dinosaurs' existence.

Ask him if he prays to Thor. I mean, what argument does he have for the existence of his god that can't be applied to another? 

The reverse is true, too. What arguments does he have to dismiss another god that doesn't also apply to his. 

I've never had a theist answer me that one. :(

Ah yes a good variant of the "once you understand why you don't believe in Thor, you will understand why I don't believe in Yahweh"

I wonder if the believer friend knows that Yahweh is the name of the per-monotheistic polytheistic god of war?

Of course not, why do I even bother to think such thoughts. LOL

Wow, talk about a non-answer. I think that he really must be trying to mess with you, or is way too far gone to give such a poor answer.

Thor speaks with thunder and lightning! You can see that! You can hear his hammer in the clouds!

If his god can speak, ask him to leave you a voicemail! 

If his god can speak, ask him to say something. Wait for the silence.. 


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