So my christian friend just told me out of the blue that he doesnt believe in dinosaurs and thinks the bones were made with plaster and are faked. Then he asks me "Have I shocked you?" Something is telling me that he just said that to get a reaction out of me as if he were trying to get me angry or something. But I'm not sure. What do you think I should write back to him?

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Then your friend is stupid. Don't worry, everyone has friends that are stupid.

Yes, don't lose your stupid friends. You may need them when you want to borrow some money or need help moving.

Send him the link to the Top 100 conspiracy theories of all time.  If he was a stamp collector, you'd send him stamps wouldn't you?

My favorite conspiracy is the one that says that the government has boxcars fitted with shackles and guillotines to dispose of Christians and other enemies of the New World Order.

Thank you for that unseen , I got a good laugh this morning !

Whoa, I am a stamp collector.  Send them to me. 

Seriously?  What kind of stamps?

Sounds like your friend is trying to provoke you deliberately. Don't tell him anything. He is too brainwashed to realize the invalidity of his rejection to factual evidence.

Seriously? Larry. What brought this up. is a bit 
stormy over here.  Wait r u tricking me or somethin' because that whole dinosaur 
thing u said was really random. How r u doing? I'm not shocked at all. Nice try 

Do you like this guy or good friend with him? Based on your reply you seem a bit concerned about his motives to asking you that particular question in terms of you trying avoid confrontation with this person.

He also might be just teasing you.

You seem pretty young to be friends with someone who is in his 50s, especially if you try to avoid problems with him just to be nice to the him.

Trust me there are times when I just want to tell him off and stuff but I don't

Why don't you? Are you afraid of him? Why are you worried about his opinion?

I'm with Larry I've never seen a dinosaur. LOL

Maybe you are all underestimating the man and he does have a real inquisitive mind and has been gone looking for the evidence himself. Maybe his contention about dinosaur bones being fake and made of plaster has been established after an expedition to the creation museum.


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