So my christian friend just told me out of the blue that he doesnt believe in dinosaurs and thinks the bones were made with plaster and are faked. Then he asks me "Have I shocked you?" Something is telling me that he just said that to get a reaction out of me as if he were trying to get me angry or something. But I'm not sure. What do you think I should write back to him?

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Whatever, your "friend" is an idiot, I'd find another friend.

I don't know why, but I love it that you added that last sentence.  I think it is incredible that anybody could think that evidence of dinosaurs and evolution has been falsified.  I am sure that sometime, somewhere, some "evidence" was falsified, but ALL of it?  Or even a lot of it?   Really?  This would have to be a scam of unrivaled parallel.  

Larry needs to get out more, I think.

Well Piltdown man is repeatedly regurgitated as an example of fakery.

I remember one time I reeled off -- from memory -- a number of the NOT fake hominid/hominim ancestors of Homo Sapiens we know about today (I later realized I'd left some out and of course there are arguments which ones are actually distinct species) and the creationist I was talking to was genuinely surprised.  Apparently she only knew the piltdown man story.

My guess is Moe and Curly continue to be a bad influence on Larry .

@Redlilly Pond;

"His name is Larry."

His two brothers aren't both named Darrel are they? LOL

Forget him. Can't you see he's a conspiracy theorist? Once people fall into that mode of thinking, they are impervious to logic.

Try arguing with someone who thinks the moon landing was faked.  It is like talking to a blank wall.

As for evolution, any other theory would be considered proven almost beyond doubt by the amount of evidence supporting it.  Someone who does not think that evolution occurred and is occurring will never be convinced by any argument.

What I think he tried to say that there is so much evidence for evolution, that if that amount existed for some other theory, people would consider it proven almost beyond doubt (and certainly beyond any reasonable doubt) but that some people insist on treating evolution differently and ignore all that evidence.

People who are not capable of evaluating good evidence--particularly when it's utterly overwhelming--are handicapped by an ideological tendency toward willful ignorance.  They must give up those mindless defenses  on their own.   Many simply cannot.  They relish the conflict, too.  Best make your firm. regretful position clear, if you can, and then be done with such a friend.

So what am I, chopped liver? Hmmm, chopped liver - sounds good --

RE: "Have I shocked you?" - "No, I long ago accepted the fact that some of us are more intelligent than others --"

I commend you for remaining married to a creationist.  I know there are a lot of factors besides that which contribute to a marriage, but I'm not sure I could deal with that one.  How do you do it?

It's funny - that's probably what they basically think about atheists.


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