Are you an atheist who belives in freewill. Or are you long past believing in the concept of freewill? I cannot imagine being a non-theist and still believing in freewill so I am curious how you feel about the concept.

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I find this topic fascinating but I'm a bit agnostic on it. I agree with Doug's point about having certain choices but not others. It is possible, as the good Dr. Suggests, that we are all machines and reality is an illusion, but I don't see that logic and reason mandate that. That said, I'm not particularly well read on this topic, so if you have an example that could enlighten me, please do so.
Dr. Suzanne Blackmore is a great place to start. Also Chris Evat's book "The Myth of Freewill" is a very simple straightforward primer on the subject. Poke around Thomas Clarks site at
Thanks for the leads.
Enjoy, it is fascinating stuff...
somewhere in between "free will" and "determinism"  Add a bit of Sam Harris for good measure.
What he said! Awesome sir I agree 100%.

I guess it depends on how you define free will exactly. Of course you can't suddenly decide to violate the law of physics, but within those laws, you can more or less do what you want.


Of course there are other limitations, like the ones society and your life circumstances impose on you. Ultimately, it's always a question of the definition. But if you tweak the parameters so that we only consider choices that are actually possible, then yes there is free will

Very interesting subject! I have thought about it, but I must admit that I am not very knowledgeable on it. I will browse those links, do some reading and hopefully learn a bit.
Personally i think we make three choices... Either to act based upon our nature, against our nature or not act at all.. I'm still thinking out the deeper aspects of this theory..
Let's say I have a decision to make and am torn between two possibilities.  So, I decide to flip a coin: heads I do A, tails I do B.  Then I act on the results.  Is this an example of free will?


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