Freedom of religion, should this be a valid world view? Should it not be freedom from religion?

I believe that the act of brainwashing children into believing illogical views by faith is extremely harmful to the individual, and that it has consequences that are extremely harmful to society. I have until now always believed in freedom of religion, but now I find myself reevaluating my position. Is this view at all compatible with a view that includes "freedom of religion".

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I believe that freedom from religion should be given to all kids.

When there is a legal age for consent, marriage, drinking, driving, voting, working then why is it that kids are allowed to be indoctrinated into this nonsense just because their parents subscribe to it.

Tajikistan has set a precedent by passing a new law which forbids kids under 18 from being given religious education & entering mosques/churches. Also they all need to attend secular school. Providing illegal religious education to kids is a crime punishable by law & carries a max sentence of 12 years.

Lets hope the rest of the world follows Tajikistan's lead.

Well put. I'm with you.

Are you serious? Right on Tajikistan!

I agree that a similar law would not only be hard to pass, legally, but it will also spark outrage amongst religious groups. But, it is something that is required, I think.

We are entering into a pro-choice era. There was a time when parents literally ran the lives of their children. In the developed world, by and large, this isn't the case any more & developing places are catching on. Freedom from Religion for kids seems like a natural progression to me.

Also, Freedom from Religion & Freedom of Religion aren't interchangeable. Freedom from Religion would require people to keep their religious beliefs private, in their homes & churches/mosques/temples and not shove them in the face of others or expect laws to be in accordance with their religious beliefs.

You may lose your life or the lives of loved ones when the outraged fundies start blowing things up real good! Many Christians already feel picked on, if you give them a legitimate reason to feel persecuted it may cause a bloody mess. 


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