I would  like hear from the Atheist community what you think about the resent objections to the "cross" found in the ruins of the two towers, Also the big fight about Christmas/ Holiday issues. I personally think these are not issues that an Atheist should be worried about, we have no dog or dogma in this fight. I find it embarassing that some "high profile spokesman" for Atheists starts these fights. how do you feel?

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IMO not only Atheists should object against the cross but also other religions. That's a way to impose Christianity to others, and is an immature way of telling muslims "in your face! haha". That cross there is going to be worthless, it won't do no good, why not better construct something that invites people to UNITE, instead of a religious symbol that only means death & a reminder of absolutism. Lets not forget that in ancient times goverment used this crosses to murder and torture whoever who dared to be different and believe something "out of the norm". Repression and fanatism. Us against them. My doctrine against theirs. Hate and more hate. IMO.

I have no issue with symbols on private or commercial property but the government can not endorse a single religion on public property. If people want to have a holiday display on public property than they should have it open to any all religions including that of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or none at all. If only one religion chooses to display its symbols I would have no problem with that so long as it is open to all religions/non-religions.

I agree. Satanists must be allowed their monument, as well as NAMBLA. Otherwise, no.

1) If the cross were placed by or sponsored by a government agency, I think it is inappropriate.

2) The Christmas/holiday issues are typically raised when, yet again, taxpayer money is used to give the appearance of endorsement of religion over non-religion or Christianity over other religions.


I believe non-theists have a huge stake here, especially when our tax money is used to support the furtherance, perpetuation, etc, of Christianity or any other religion.

America has been hijacked by theocrats for far too long.  "Under God" and "In God We Trust" actually make me sick to my stomach - and they are getting plastered all over our public buildings, etc, because non-theists apparently haven't done enough or haven't been effective enough to stop the theocratic movement in this country.  If you don't want your kids to be forced to pray by some Christian or other religious nut/ teacher in public schools, I suggest you start to care about these things - legislation is actually being proposed by my state legislature, apparently full of godtards, to allow prayer in public schools during instructional time, etc.  I say enough is enough.

I am very concerned about any erosion of the separation of church and state. If ANY issues involves any such undermining, I would condemn it and expect local freethought groups to object publicly.

I want to thank every one who responed to this post. It kind of made people mad, but after they got passed the rants about public religious symboles and christmas, we got to the real problem; the destruction of the sepratration of church and state. That was my point, to have you think a little deeper than just what some one who happens to get in the media says is important to atheists. The real problems are more harmful. The idea that America is a "christian nation", the increased religious idilology of our elected officials and the lack of real representation for the atheist community in Washington. We need a lobby. I have know idea how to do this, but I think it is nessasary.














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