Fred Phelps is 'near death'. How do you feel about that?

Anti-LGBT hate monger and Westboro Baptist Church pastor Fred Phelps is in the hospital. His son describes him as "near death".

How do you feel about that?



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Celebrate! I'm gonna get drunk out of my mind when he finally kicks it...Call me vindictive, I don't care.


Nope...still don't care...BOOZE!

I don't have any feelings about Fred at all.

Another ape dies. Fred Phelps is far from the worst ape to ever live. I'm neither horrified nor celebratory. The idea of being either horrifies me, actually.

"Justice and change only come about when the people alive are willing to do what's right." - well said. 


I wouldn't mind seeing a jazz style funeral parade at the next Mardi Gras. Perhaps a WBC float, to boot? Gay Freddies dancing?

That hateful lunatic is one of the few preachers who is honest about what the Bible actually says. In a way he is good for atheism, maybe make an apologetic or moderate think a bit.....hmmm, nah.

Jesus was gay. :)

Really? Spitter or swallower?

I don't know ask Peter or maybe James, I feel sure Judas was the odd man out. :)


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