Fred Phelps is 'near death'. How do you feel about that?

Anti-LGBT hate monger and Westboro Baptist Church pastor Fred Phelps is in the hospital. His son describes him as "near death".

How do you feel about that?



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"Sean Hannity look like almost high-minded."

Gotta disagree. Granted, her world view is sick; but, given that, she spoke as calmly and to-the-point as possible considering the two-pronged attack she was under and she acquitted herself far more consistently than either of her persecutors. They both fell into a panic of outrage and, in doing so, sacrificed any modicum of respectability they may have claimed. 

She won!

I don't know her from a bar of soap but I think I would be more likely to have a civilized conversation with her about atheism than I could ever imagine having with Hannity.

"you'd always get the same response" - 

Undoubtedly, I'm just  suggesting that, despite her horrible, hate-filled convictions, she still has more class than Hannity.

Maybe there's a special place for him in Hell!

I thought he was already among the "Living Dead." If his death in any way contributes to the realization that religion is anything but the answer then I bode him a fond farewell.

Where's his funeral going to be? We need to do something. Picket it or arrive with a pretty girl to play Ride of the Valkyries on a tuba.

And at the graveyard, I'd like to get a gothic bellydancer like Rachel Brice to dance nearby as he's interred.


A lot of Christian religious sects are based on a single preacher/church. There is no one other than Fred Phelps himself to excommunicate him.


Oh my goodness the Celebrate song automatically started playing and I couldn't stop laughing. Goodbye Fred Phelps.

Yeah, actually not a good idea to have videos auto-start, just in case someone is sneaking a peek in their cubicle at work.

Oh my goodness!


Hahaha, you're funny! Yeah the music was bloody perfect.



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