Hi, thanks for creating this forum for atheists, of which I am, since about the age 1 hour(or less).  It's a WAR out there with billions of stupid religious people trying to take you down, your brain down and often your body too if they could pull that off.

Presbyterian family, supposedly, but never went to church growing up, except for a few "vacation Bible school" ventures over a few summers when I was a kid.  Sat in the back with another kid and cracked jokes about it.  That kid's in prison now, "finding Jesus", I presume.  The next door neighbor family was into the Bible and Jesus a bit--the Dad was more interested in $ of course-- and I liked their mom because she was friendly and good looking and cooked good food--so I went to their damn vacation Bible school for a few weeks a couple of summers.   It didn't "take".  Our family usually watched bowling on TV on Sunday mornings anyway, and I am thankful for that: bowling is REAL.

 Never thought about "Gawd" much as a kid until some wacked out woman pointed to the clouds on a sunny summer day and said "Jesus is going to come down some day and save us".  I thought, "save us from what?"  And, "who is us"?  Anyway, that didnt stick either and I thought it was the weirdest idea I had ever heard of in my life.  My sister also had a miscarriage that brought her to Jesus, so I had to listen to that a fair amount, though she wasn't offensive about it.  I think that was in my Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath phase.  Steely Dan has always been my phase.

Fast forward to teenage years and Dad was borderline alcoholic--great guy, though--and Mom was maybe going to divorce him, but found Evangelical Jesus instead.  So, we all 3 went to that church, the pastor was cool, lot's of super cute chicks there was a bonus for me:  couldn't make damn heads nor tails out of what they were selling, so I dropped out after a few years.

Like Sam Harris, I have an interest in meditation/"Nirvana", but don't believe that is a supernatural "Gawd"--just something of the brain, a really GOOD something, so they say.  I have not "attained Nirvana", so you don't have to worry about that.

I'm a pro level musician, drums are my main "ax".  And like (dead)Jesus, I have some carpentry skills.  Also, med-school drop out from way back--can't stand hospitals and most Doctors.  Oddly, dentists don't bother me much.

In addition to my native tongue, American English, I speak Spanish and Brasilian Portugues fairly well, BELEZA!

I would LOVE to survive my own death if I didn't end up worse off, but ain't jack I can do about it: the shit's biological.  Which reminds me, I am a revolutionary minded Socialist/Communist--ideologically--Marx/Che' Guevara/Mao type shit.  Historical Materialism, babay!

Feel free to hit me with your best shot, but then don't cry like a wuss if I hit back harder--I am a counterpuncher.

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Welcome aboard, Fred! Have a rummage about, enjoy the interactions, please stay mindful of the TA Guidelines http://www.thinkatheist.com/page/guidelines which are in place to enable civil discourse - our Sunday School, provided weekly by Reg the Fronkey Farmer is an outstanding place to start! You should see a link to it on the right hand side of your home screen.

Ps I quite like Steely Dan, but I am a Pink Floyd addict, through and through :)

Thanks Strega.  Is that Italian?

Well, I am mostly jazz/Brasilian, but Steely Dan is my all time fav 'band', w Pink Floyd a close second.  'Sunday School' sounds ominous to me, but I will give in a gander.

I try to avoid political discussions because I always get brutally attacked for my views.  But then again, sometimes I can't help myself...


I chose the nic 'Strega' as it combined a sickly sweet Italian liqueur with a hideous witch. Perfect blending ;)

In fact I'm a Brit living in the USA with Greek ancestry.

I think you'll appreciate Sunday School - chuckles

I have heard of these "Brits", they used to rule the world.  Did you have a Big Fat Brit Greek wedding?  As long as I can laugh at Jesus and Gawd stories, I'm good.

No I had a Vermont lesbian wedding, a lot quieter but with a magnificent assortment of guests from all over the world.

Personally, I find Pope jokes hilarious:)

Huh, I may have played @ your VT lesbian wedding, as I was in a band doing as such about 10 years ago.  Well, we're neighbors, more or less.

Pope jokes, we can prlly accommodate that.  Did you see that HBO series, "The Young Pope" w Jude Law?  It was great!  But I think he died of a heart attack after his speech @ the end, not quite sure.  Gawd giveth, Gawd taketh away, even Popes.

Welcome indeed!

'Brigado, Senhor!


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