I'm sorry, but I've been watching this go back and forth, and it's just to funny not to share. Sorry if someone has already posted!

Step One:



If you just want to watch the musical, skip to seven and a half minutes.

It's just so great.

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Sorry but these videos rfom Jon Stewart show not available in the UK.
Haha that was good, too
I love the liberal elite portions. Thanks Bernie, I'll run with it.

An article came out recently that found Liberals had 6 IQ points over Conservatives. The very liberal vs very conservative found a 12 IQ point disparity. So yeah, when compared to you (Bernie), or Palin, we probably do seem like we are acting like elites. If having data and seeking facts instead of repeating rhetoric makes us "Elites", I suppose that I'll just have to take that as a compliment about the quality of our arguments versus yours. Thanks!
I know those findings, too. But I don't think they used a large enough population to be able to accurately claim that with a small enough portion of error.
Here is a user on YouTube who does a good job dismantling many of FoxNews' blatant lies, distortions, and hypocrisies:

LiberalViewer's Media and Political Analysis
I have just watched one or two clips on LiberalViewer's, and do watch some of Fox News on Sky only to see what they come up with.
Glenn Beck seems to me,together with Sarah Palin, not very nice people with their own agenda to smear people and always think they are so righteous, and only see their own side of anything.
Lol!! That is amazing; I have to steal this pic!
I agree, Elaine. Beyond the differences in politics, it's really the self-righteous arrogance of Beck, Palin, and others which really irritates me. I know that the left-wing engages in smear campaigns, but nowhere near the volume and intensity of the right wing.


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